The Great Depression

Actually, its not that great, either in magnitude, or the enjoyment factor.

As per usual, being a 23 year old single male my problems lie with the opposite sex. Being shy sucks, and for some reason the ladies that I finally do get to know have major flaws.

First off, there were recently 2 lovely people I had gotten to know, turns out one is a lesbian(or at least Bi with a preference for girls) its ok, she still is great, fun to be around, and well worth having as a friend.
The second was the one that I thought i had a real chance with, she was having troubles with her boyfreind at the time (should have know) so I just hung around, chatting and all that, then she tells me that they broke up, and then she invited herself to go to the lake with me. Score! right? not really, after standing me up twice, she gets back with her boyfreind(not telling me) The guy is a real ass, he stole her car, not calling for 3 days, took it over 3 hours away, and came back with a new set of rims for it using money he borrowed from her. He also has a bench warrant out on him, and another warrant for an unpaid fine. So this girl, although nice, hot, and book smart, is a freakin idiot. He also got pulled over doing 80 in a 60 zone, in her car, with an ounce of weed. No ticket, no getting busted for posession, and no warrant checks.
So yeah, thats it, just felt like bitching about my life.
I know there are many millions of people who have it worse, and therefore I know its not all that bad, but it still sucks.


Wanna hear something true that won’t make you feel any better? You’re better off without that one.

i thought u were talking about the real depression… my best friend says that they called it that because there was no malls

Well, I know that I will lbe better off without her, and waht really bugs me is that my best freinds fiance was telling me that I could do better, mind you that the two had never met, and all she knows was the good stuff I told her before this shit. Now, she is nice about it, but inside I know she is gloating. And as for the other one they keep telling me that I should go after her. I have not told My friend and his SO that she likes girls, I dont feel like getting all their pity, and the good laugh they would get out of it. And I keep hoping for a Chasing Amy miracle to happen. It might happen too, she loves the movie.

Of course Kevin Smith called it Science fiction.
" Ask any lezbian, that would never happen, not even in a million years"

(not sure if I got the quote right, but ya get the idea)

I know you’re not looking for advice, but here’s some anyway:

Learn how to pick up girls.

That’s easy–you lift with your legs, not with your back, right?

But seriously, it definitely sounds like time to move on to other prospects–and consider yourself lucky you didn’t get involved with girl number two.