The last MMP of 2018

Are you a ‘firster’ or a ‘laster’? I’d rather look back at the memories of what isn’t there anymore; therefore, I’m a laster.
(now back to sleep with me.)

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 67 Amurrkin out and cloudy (dark, actually) with a predicted high of 76 and cloudy for the day with maybe rain this afternoon. We shall see. Today’s agenda includes waitin’ for FedEx to deliver meds, gettin’ the bday cake from the DQ, and a trip to the Pubic Sto’ to purchase some shrimpies and a few other things. Shrimpies 'n grits is on the menu for sup tonight. I guess I am a laster. Memories can be good to look back on, but since I can’t look ahead, don’t know the future. Also, today is a day of prep for the big NYD/bday feast tomorrow.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, alas, purtification must occur along with the donnin’ of appropriate goin’ about the public attire. Such a bother!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

:eek: I have been remiss! :eek:


I like looking back, tho this year, not so much, especially since much of the looking back is likely to involve idiot stuff the grand high Cheeto did. On the good side, RoxStar was born this year, so there’s that!

I intend to do some erranding today. I may even clear my desk of the accumulated crap - my desk at home, that is. My desk at work is close to empty, which is why I didn’t go in today.

Happy **Cupcakes **Day!

Happy NYE!!

Happy Moanday!!

Ah thanks you guys! The song “When I’m Sixty-four” is running through my head.

I see the birthday greetings, but no bottles of wine.:smiley:

Happy Moonday!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy Birthday Cupcakes!

It’s a dark and cloudy 32 degrees outside. Supposed to get up into the 50s and be rainy all day.

I got a decent amount of sleep last night, but I sure don’t feel like I did.

Not a whole lot on the agenda today.

Firster or Laster? Probably a firster, looking back is depressing.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off today. I foresee a beer run, then to hockey.

[Yoda]Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.[/Yoda]
I prefer to live in the now.


Have some wine.:slight_smile:

I don’t like looking back. Going forward is more fun. I’m off irk today. I’ve been off a week, and sure have enjoyed it. I wonder if anyone would notice if I stopped going into the office. Today’s plans include going to the barn. Tis rainy and icky and mynfuess is the horses will not go out into pasture. Tonight’s dinner is burgers and an artichoke. I’m guessing I’ll be in bed by 10pm.

Happy Cupcake Day!

I don’t really have a preference regarding looking forward or back- depends which direction looks more interesting.

Looking at today’s plans, I reckon back might be more exciting; plan is to tidy up and do some stoodinty essay stuff. Plan was to get this essay basically finished by Christmas, which clearly didn’t happen, so the revised plan is to have at least the first draft finished this year.

It might happen.

Happy Noo year’s eve!

Happy Birthday Baker.

I didn’t make it to the store yesterday so must today. We have decided on steak tonight so hubby will pick those up from the good meat store and I shall procure the other needed stuff. I intend to clean out one closet today but both need it. Maybe I can get one today and one tomorrow. I need a place to store Christmas stuff.

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been to the Pubic Sto’ to procure shrimpies and a few other items. Amongst the items procured was a small ice cream cake for the spoiled brat to enjoy on his bday and a couple days after. The big bday cake will get at least mostly consumed tomorrow. DQ sent me a text sayin’ the cake is ready and can be picked up when they open at ten-thirty or anytime durin’ the day. Nice of 'em to do that. DQ earns a gold star.

JDD and Partner are comin’ over this evenin’ to hang and spend the night. We told 'em to just stay over since they’ll be here tomorrow anyways. I will imagine that all of us will be asleep around tenish. We are such partay animals!

I’ve had Roxy duty for the last hour or so. I’ve put her in her swing and darkened the room - she should be going down for her morning nap. Daughter is napping since Roxy has been up on and off since 3. **FCD **went out to get a soda - no idea where he is now.

Once babby is sleeping, I’ll hit the shower. Then erranding shall begin. Life is so exciting here!

Happy birthday baker!

Up, caffeinating and breakfasted. I have a pot of black eyed peas in the crockpot for tomorrow. I will do a load of laundry shortly, do KP and get purtified to go out in public.

I’m staying in tonight and one of the friends who came over for Christmas will be here.

Shamefully so. :o
You did not point out your favorite day on the calendar, yesterday.
Happy Bakerday!

Went to the store. There were no fresh bunches of collards so I got some washed and chopped fresh ones. They will not be as good but will suffice. There were no dried black eyed peas so I got both frozen and canned. Also picked up frozen and canned greens in case. I got a smallish ham. Not as small as I would have liked but it will have to do. This is a lesson in not waiting until the last minute. There was about a million people in the store so glad that’s over with. I shall cook the greens today since they are better reheated. There were no ham hocks either so I had to settle for some smoked pork chops which will work.

Ok onward to closet cleaning after I tidy the kitchen and get the laundry rolling. I is tahred already.

Tis hot out. At least in the mid 80’s. The a/c is on.

Back from erranding. It’s raining, as predicted. Daughter mentioned wanting corned beef and cabbage, so that’ll be tonight’s supper. And until I have to start cooking, I intend to knit and chill.

Drank those yesterday. Sorry about that. :smiley:
Firster or laster? Both; of course. I love the past but I always have a smile ready for the future. We have a traditional New Years wish in my clan that works in both good years and bad ------

*May the New Year

be better than the last.*

Happy Cupcake Day!

And here’s a song for you. Guess which?

It’s fun to look back at the past year as it’s been eventful (I retired! Also we had a huge family reunion because my niece got married. And I just reconnected with one of my old roommates, which is very exciting. And more stuff.)

It’s also nice to start planning the year, figuring out what trips I might take, what’s going to happen in the garden, etc.

Hope to be back more regularly to the MMP, too.

Hugs to all of you.

Revised dinner plans. I found wild caught in America shrimp, so dinner will be shrimp sautéed in butter with brown rice and an artichoke. Tis cold and rainy and am considering putting on my pjs since I’m in til tomorrow.


Probably one of the Mumpers I best remember from when I stumbled in; along with the Bear of course. Hope you make us a regular stop again ---------- please!