The New Guy MMP

Seriously, guys, I need suggestions for websites that sell good fabric - natural fibers like linen, silk, and wool. The fabric stores around here only sell cotton-poly mixes that are pretty gross.

Get busy!

They are closed (they close around Christmas and reopen somewhat after Easter) but I would have still broken in to snatch one of those 25 pound apple pies. They are sooooo good.

Can’t remember which but one of the smaller water parks out towards St Olafs College used to open in the winter with skating and using a couple of the slides (iced) for tubes. Ufda!

Speaking of New Guys, I just got a message from a good friend saying he joined The Dope because he wanted to see what the fuck I’ve always been yappin about.

So I guess I’m going to have to behave now.

roo I haven’t been ignorin’ ya but outside of raisin’ your own sheep, goats, alpacas etc I don’t have a clue. :smiley:

Irk is livin’ up to its name today. That is all.

**tugig **- ya gotta drag him over here so we can get to know him. We certainly won’t grill him for stories about you that you wouldn’t want us to know. We’d never consider anything like that. Because we’re nice, dammit! :wink:

Lunch break. It’s icky and dreary outside and I just want to go home and get warm and veg. Right about now, I’d really enjoy being sequestered. I’m in serious need of a Sugar Daddy, and I’m not talking about the caramel candy.

N.O.L. is et. Veggie soup and canteloupe (ain’t got a ladder!). 'Twas good. This week is eat outta da freezer week at da cave. Tonight’s menu is chili. I shall thoughtfully nuke it plus make a green sallit and corn bread. Other plans for the week include beast stew, chikin 'n noodle soup, veggie beast soup, and lasagna because all that is in da freezer and needs to get et up. Makes for some easy dindins at least.

Ok, back to irk.

Everything is making me cry lately :frowning: STOOPID HORMONES

Well, my take a walk plans have skidded to an abrupt halt. It’s flippin’ COLD outside with Mountain Wind Gusts (60+ today) plus it’s raining. I would do some yoga, but I don’t want to put any pressure on my finger since it is still bleeding. I’ve been keeping it elevated as much as possible, which means I wasn’t able to work on updating the concierge notebook because of the typing. At least I didn’t cut my communication finger.

I may as well get rid of the old worn out computer miscellany that’s been riding around in the back of my car for the last six months.

phouka, I’d have some suggestions, but my connection to the fabric world was severed about fifteen years ago. Now if it was Aida cloth, I’d have plenty to share. PLENTY. I have most of a bolt under my bed.

NOL was my concoction of ground beef, stewed tomatoes and rice.

I’m catching up in my calendar since I finally got my printer ink. I kept forgetting to grab the old cartridges to take with me. Yesterday I was riding past Office Depot and since sah-kid was home I could ask him to look up what number I need. I’ll take the old ones with me the next time so I can turn them in.

I have some other things I need to print out as well so I can get caught up on all that.

Debating whether I want to do another load of laundry. It’s not really enough for a full load, but it’s a nice feeling to get everything done.

Sah-kid needs to go to the eye doc, but he still looks a little punky today so that can wait until tomorrow. Probably not much sense in having his eyes checked when they are watery from a cold.

The younger niece was over making her birthing plans, Nobody asked for my help which is good because I don’t know where I’ll be in June.
I took care of her and the baby with her first born, my niece was so sick and going though a rough time.

A friend of mine is in Belize and that is looking really good to me right now.
I don’t know if I can keep my job if I move there though, but it’s a nice dream.

What’s this “we” $%&*, Kemosabe? You may be nice, but some of us want good dirt! :stuck_out_tongue:

When you find one, ask him if he has a [del]cute[/del] hawt sister for me. :wink:

If it won’t stop, cut it off - that’ll make it stop bleedin’. Wait, what?!?!
What are you trying to communicate, “You’re # 1. :p” or “You’re # 1 :mad:”?
Went to upholsterer & picked new fabric (& backup fabric in case we need to go to Plan C.) Roo, can you go to a upholstery store (as in furniture repair) instead of a fabric store to choose what you want & have them order it for you?

I have a meetin’ I must go to tonight. No way to get out of it. Le Sigh. Irk at its irkiest today.

Hey ** Swampy ** look what I dug up

I think you were a little off:D:D

I finally got rid of the miscellaneous computer parts that have been riding around behind my passenger seat for six months. Yay me! :smiley:

What kind of computer parts?

Still cold, I wants spring dammit :frowning:

Just found out I might be getting a share from the sale of my grandmother’s house. The one I never met. Feels a bit odd, to be honest, but I’m not going to complain. If it happens, and I then get a job, I’ll be officially over the poverty threshold for yearly income, for the first time… :wink:

One shall have to aquire some chandeliers, and whatever else it is what posh people have.

A broken keyboard from work, a microphone, and some random wires with bits attached to them that I somehow ended up with. They all went to the computer recycling place to do with what they will.

My new phone seems to be very picky about charging. I plugged it into the wall charger last night, and this morning, it was completely drained. So I drove 45 minutes to work with it plugged into the car adapter. Still drained. I took the cable out of the wall adapter and plugged it into a USB port on my computer at work, and now it’s deigning to charge.

And they call it a smart phone… stupid droid.

I thought to myself, “Hmmm, seems cool and interesting.” I stumbled upon this place when I was trying to find an answer to solving candy jar puzzles (and here’s my thread). I was doing some active research, and after many searches, I stumbled upon another thread (this was before I started my own thread about the subject), and it seemed like there were some really intelligent people here that knew what they were talking about. My approach was very complicated and I was trying to get some support, but no one was willing to help me. So I tried out the SDMB and started a thread about the subject as soon as I joined. The thing that made me stick around was that this is an active message board. You know, before I joined this place, what I was also searching for was a good, active message board that people actually still went on - not a message board where the last reply was two weeks ago. That’s what made me like this place along with the good help I was getting from Senegoid about the candy jar puzzle. So I decided to stick around.

Home - have been for a while, but I had stuff to do. I just finished an early supper and soon I will veg.

It’s raining, but tomorrow, we’re promised a loverly, mild day, followed by a cold weekend. Stoopit weather!

**Spidey **- I’ve got a single sister. But she’s 48, so I’m pretty sure she’s out of your desired range. Replace *hawt *with hot flashes, and you’d be close. :stuck_out_tongue: On the other hand, she’s a bartender…

OK, enough pimpin’ for tonight.