The New Guy MMP

Morning All,

I stubbed my toe getting out of the shower trying to avoid stepping on the cat. I has a very minor owie. The cat thinks he is the official legs and toesies dryer-offer and is most often almost frantic to get at you when get done bathing. He rubs and licks you (and sometimes gently bites) until you are finished and pick him up and give him tummy rubs. He is a strange but sweet kitteh.

I would post pics but not quite sure how (Stupid question, do you have to sign up for photo bucket or something?)

MOOOOOOM I got grilled? Oh My! Was I medium rare when he was finished, cause that’s what I prefer. :smiley: If’n the OYKW in your dream had a shaved haid and a goatee then that was definitely him. Was that USB or shippin’ ports?

Jynx on the bright side, havin’ the kitteh lick you clean would save a great deal on the water bill.

Ok, gotta get motivated. Soonish I must be off to the east forty. Rah.


Mooommmm, my requirements are simple: hawt, rich, & intelligent enough to 'splain current events in speach bubble format to (somone else’s) eye candy. :stuck_out_tongue:



'Nuff said.

Up, caffeinated, off to irk.

It’s Notpeterson :stuck_out_tongue:


I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you ;):smiley:

Tell him! Tell him!


Happy Hump Day

well there’s not one damn happy thing about it so far
although I see** FCM** says it’s supposed to make 60 today
That would be good after yesterdays miserable weather

I gotta grab something to eat and off to irk
I’m already logged in but took an immediate break because I overslept
I’m blaming it on the damn dog who wakes me at 12:30 and again at 5:10
and Talk about weird dreams!

ugh I feel like hell this am
maybe some food and caffeine will help

Mawnin all,

Up Caffinating and blurfy.

Had an awesome band practice last night and we are now the “Backups”.

Will be back when my brain works



Am I to take it that you want to use me as part of a fiendish plot to off our superhero?

I hope you know I don’t come cheap!

So that will be some time uhhhh next month or so


But Spidey said…nm.

Is “Not” the Norwegian version of the Irish “O’” or “Mc”, meaning you really are a Peterson, just with a prefix? :eek:

Spidey said, “Sari, PM me some pricing as there’s a certain plant I’d like to have, ahhh, ‘de-rooted’.” :dubious:

??? I don’t understand that could be the lack o’ caffine


meet a guy in perfume and lip gloss and the next thing you know you got a bad reputation

just teasing you Capt

oddly enough, I’ve never had a preconceived notion of what he looks like.

Make mine ruby port, and we may be onto something.

I’m thinking I can quit my day job