The new H.B.O. "Content Warnings" Suggestion Box

The Devil Wears Prada just started on H.B.O. It’s rated PG-13 by the MPAA. It says:

AC Adult Content

MP Mild Violence

Please. :rolleyes: How about a series of ratings that more accurately describe the content of movies these days?

ID Insipid Dialogue

SSP Stereotypical Supporting Characters

BPD Banal Plot Devices

TC Tawdry Costumes

IC Implausible Conclusions.



What about that staple of many movies (especially those aimed at teen audiences): NPS or GS - Non-Plot affecting Sex.

Similarly RB - Random Boobage (exposure)

Previous thread on the subject.

Okay, I’ll play.

JPS – Just Plain Sucks

NWW – Not Worth Watching

SLRS – Stinks Like Rat Shit

BAPITEWASS – Beats A Poke In The Eye With A Sharp Stick

UP – Ukulele Pick

UT – Utter Trash

S[sub]S[/sub]S[sup]S[/sup]S C[sub]C[/sub]C[sup]C[/sup]C — Shaky Camera

H … A — Hammy Acting

EC — Careless Editing

FUKC — For Unsupervised Kids at Camp

JWNWT — Jesus Would Not Watch This

while on the subject, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what constitutes graphic nudity in a movie…

Maybe it’s like aggressive nudity?

It usually means female nipple close-ups or visible male penises. “Brief nudity” usually means side-views of female breasts or men’s butts.

PW - Paul Walker

CCGI Too much dependence on Crappy CGI effects.
SD Smarmy Dreck masquerading as “feelings.”
TL Testosterone-Laden. Shoot, kill, maim, pound chest, never run out of bullets.
CKO Cheesy Knock-Off of some way better movie.
FKO For Kids Only. Adults, use at risk of brain-melting.
CTE Cliched Thematic Elements.
PSS Plot-relevant Sex Scenes.
ISS Irrelevent Sex Scenes.
LGVnSS Lots of Gratuitous Violence but no Sex Scenes which might pollute the minds of the youth of America.

100M50CSp They spent 100 million making the movie, but only 50 cents on screenplay.

RWL. This movie was rewritten to serve as a vehicle for the lead actor. May contain Rob Schneider, Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, or a comedian.

PPA. Product placement advisory. This movie contains graphic depictions of products our advertisers want you to buy, for which we were paid large sums of money, but which do not reduce the cost of your ticket.

ASE. Allegedly surprise ending which you have probably already heard about in the review and which could be seen coming from a mile away by a concussed duckling in a canvas bag.

FSW. This movie was written by four people. Not by four people collaborating, but by four writers, working at different times, in a desperate attempt to resuscitate this piece of trash.

ABS. Already been screened by test audiences, revised by committee, improved by focus groups, tightened up in post-production, extra footage shot, and edited again. Do not watch under any circumstances.

FSP. Every allegedly funny scene in this movie was already shown in the preview.

Hear! Hear! :slight_smile:

WOBOS: Watchable Only Because Of Soundtrack
NEN: Not Enough Nudity

Son of a gun. You stole my…

Oh wait. Sorry about that. That’s REALLY weird. I am sure I saw your thread, and it didn’t occur to me at all when I started this.

Pity we cannot merge the two. If you wish, I will ask a Mod to lock this. Hell. I’ll ask. No dupe threads…


Wait a second, that thread is to rewrite current ratings; this thread is to come up with entirely new ones.


1STM - One Sequel Too Many
AGSWIA - All the Good Scenes Were In the Ads
GMPP - Gratuitous Merchandizing/Product Placement
LACRPP - Lead Actor Coasting: Repeating Previous Performances
PMNS - Plot Makes No Sense
SHBOH - Star Has Been Over-Hyped
URBFO - Uninspired Remake of a Better Foreign Original

And of course:

KR - this film contains Keanu Reeves

RCCM - This film rapes cherished childhood memories

R - Rubbish
PG- Perfectly Ghastly
U - Unwatchable
X - warning! sountrack consists of nothing but Xylophones
XXX - movie devoted to entirely to cross-stitching
G - garbage
NC-17 - No Cellphone use permitted for first 17 minutes of movie.