The new One Trick Pony: LADYG

dear LadyG,

I have never asked anyone to the pit (well, once, but it was a joke).
I am being very ernest when I ask you to please grow up and stop your childish behavior.

What behavior?
and this

You know what we think of your boyfriend, who was banned.
You know what we think of your situation.
you continue on and on and on.
You post things up that OBVIOUSLY are directed at him.
as did he. (such as here)

If you don’t want to leave him, fine. Whatever, its your life.
If you aren’t going to seek help for your problems, could you at least keep your little spats off the board?

Your behavior at best is getting very old.
At worst, I would call it Trollish and Jerkish.

please stop, ok?

-Bad News Baboon

After having read all those linked threads, I have to say I agree.

Clearly a one-trick pony from the looks of it. She’s probably making alot of it up, or exaggerating the circumstances, desperately seeking validation from board members. She’s posting only to solicit responses of sympathy from other posters. If she wants to complain about her boyfriend and get automatic validation for her opinions, she should go on Ricki Lake’s show where every woman in the audience will shout out “you go, girlfriend” at every dig she takes on her boyfriend.

Of course, we could all just ignore her whining and deny her the response she’s trying to get, leave her to dwell forever in her own pathetic insecurities. Meanwhile she’ll try harder to write thread titles that will draw the eye. At some point, everyone will get tired of her little hissy-fits and ignore her. So hopefully that will be problem solved for all of us.

And maybe, at sometime in the distant future, a board that’s important to her will absolve her, and allow her to post without recrimination, too. I think the flame was a little harsh.

Or if you don’t like it you could just not fucking read anything she writes and thus not be annoyed?

Christ, sometimes this board is just like a standard black tie party where everyone is the same but puts on airs to try and look more intelligent/cultured/well adjusted/worldly than anyone else, and fails miserably.

If you don’t like what she writes, don’t fucking read it. God forbid people write about stuff that is important to them at risk of annoying those who aren’t as interested in the topic.

What’s childish? Crying about what you feel is unworthy of being posted on a goddamn message board that covers EVERYTHING from questions to thoughts to opinons to bitches to comments, etc.

Adjust your bowtie and grab another martini off the silver tray.

you know Turbo dog,

it’s not that at all.

It’s just that the majority of her threads are thinly veiled attacks at her SO.
And she wants us dopers to, as Rex puts it, do the ol’ you go girl! routine.

And it’s not that i am "putting on airs’.
READ the posts I linked to.
READ what they say.

give me a break.

She’s playing this board for all its worth. That is one step away from trolling, IMO. and THAT is not cool.

And yes, I AGREE that it’s best to ignore her.
i WON’T be reading any thread started by her, because guarantee you, it will result in the same song and dance.

but I think its bullshit that other posters may waste their time thinking she is being in ernest about her unhappiness.

hell, I read her hair thread and I thought that it was great something different was being posted about. but, no, it too, disintigrated into an arguement with her SO.

I wouldn’t have an issue with it normally, but i would like to be able to participate in a board where I don’t have to worry about getting in the middle of a lover’s spat.

It’s like when two people are fighting and use you as their weapon:

person one: you know, if SOMEONE was a nice person, they would (blah bah blah)
person two: Yes, because we all know that if a ‘hypothetical’ SO did…(blah blah blah)
person one: could you please tell person two to not do that, because I am getting tired of it.
person two: well you tell me, Who is right? me or person one?

do you not see how old this is?

Bad News Baboon, you have at least three options when dealing with LadyG: [ul]
[li]If you find her posts are getting old, use the “Ignore” feature.[/li][li]If you think she’s a troll, report the trolling to a Mod.[/li][li]Or you can open a pit thread, linking to as many posts as you can find and pretty much call her a troll.[/li][/ul]

I’m not attacking you but I feel that you picked the worst option.

Wait a minute…

TurboDog and Kal, isn’t this what the Pit is for? BNB isn’t doing anything more or less than anyone else here in the Pit, so I think this thread is appropriate. It’s not the first time a poster has been called out for being a one-trick pony.

Who is “misusing” the Board here, Baboon or LadyG? Or, perhaps, both or neither?

Most posters see this outlet as a way of socializing, sharing ideas and events and looking for like-minded people.

It would seem that LadyG is looking for a way to get people to support her side of the issue in arguments with her SO, and thus validate her argument and (unwittingly) “gang up” on the man.

Calling someone a one-trick pony when they have started four posts, all amounting to snipes at an SO, and they only have 37 total posts is not out of line. It’s an observation that someone is not living up to the board’s historical integrity.

Good call, Bad News Baboon.

DAVEW0071, I don’t think BNB has done anything wrong - Hell, I agree with her that LadyG’s posts are getting old. I also agree that she seems to be wanting to get other posters to “gang up” on her SO.

I just think that a pit thread is not the best way to deal with it - YMMV.

Why not?

Where else is the best way to do it? Email? Nah, that won’t solve anything. She obviously is fishing for attention. Hell, I’ve done that myself, but this is over kill.

She’s looking for everybody to say, “Aw you poor thing, your SO (a term a friggin hate, for the record) is such a poopy-head”.

So why not throw it back on her – in public – and say, “knock it off - it’s tired, it’s old, it’s embarrassing when you get right down to it.”

What amazed me was to find out that LadyG was in her 40’s. The first three links I read had me convinced she was a teenager.

I think LadyG should have lunch with Tramp.

I’m confused at all the Bad News Baboon bashing in here. We’ve been screaming at Lobley for three weeks to quit starting pity me threads on the same basic topic and that’s a free for all fun fest it seems. Now, we’re yelling at BNB for doing the same thing to a similar poster?

And by the way, it’s long been my understanding that personal battles and ‘private’ conversations should be kept off the boards, like the one in the third thread between LadyG and her Boyfriend who is now banned and she wants us all to tell her how great she is and how awful he is.

LadyG. If you really want my advice?

  1. Drop him fast.

  2. You’ve heard that from at least a hundred of us.

  3. If you don’t like the answers you’re getting, or feel that the attention isn’t enough…

  4. Go to a RELATIONSHIP ADVICE board.

Speaking of assholes, color me brown and call me your chocolate starfish of love.

I was way too drunk for my own good last night (actually I believe the phrase is “wasted to the gills”) and a little voice told me not to post anything at all, especially in the Pit, but did I listen? Of course not, I was hammered.

Baboon, my tone and remarks were far sharper than you were deserving of. My apologies sir. My general thoughts, however, are the same. In vino veritas. I find her posts rather annoying myself, but if that’s what she wants to talk about, so be it. Nobody is wasting their time reading/posting to or about her. Let’s face it, this is a message board that covers everything. If you are in here, you have time to kill. As far as playing the board, isn’t that what most people do in some form or another? Some take the “holier than thou” road, some take the “moron” road. Morons annoy me as much as anyone else, but they do bring some amusement to the party.

Dave, I disagree. To me, the Pit is where you call someone out for a disagreement, to settle a dispute, or clear the air on a personal attack. To attempt to make someone change their style or topic of posting however, no. I’m on a shit computer so to do a search will take me two days, but do you recall a fairly recent thread in here where a newbie called jarbaby out for always posting about the same stuff? He was run out of town on a rail. People have bad times and in relationship stuff, in can be a bit consuming and annoying to those around them. But to me, as long as there is MPSIMS and IMHO, there will always be topics that aren’t exactly educational, and posters who rarely have anything of substance to offer.

In the grand scheme, does it really matter?

Again, my deepest apologies for my earlier post which came across as an attack on Baboon. That was not my intention. My last remark was intended to be a general comment, not a personal one.

We now return you to this discussion, already in progress.

All is cool, Turbo.
(btw, I’m a girl baboon and not a boy!)

I honestly do not care WHAT she posts about.
Of all people, I am not one to judge. I post up silly threads, etc.
I love the fact that the dope has such a variety of posters and posting styles.

What did bug me about LadyG is the fact that:

a)She is carrying on a fight or disageement that should be ‘off the board’.
b)she only joined the dope in order to post so that he could read it. This I admit, is MY opinion. and I may be wrong. But if she has some issues with him, then either resolve them at home or bring him to the pit. Don’t carrying on this coy bullshit in another forum.
c)She has recieved the same advice over and over again. She doesn’t want to listen.
and lastly:
In the past, some dopers have posted up true lies to get sympathy (like the time someone said her kid died and it wasn’t true). I am NOT saying LadyG is lying about her situation.
But what happens when she stops getting the attention to her posts? Does she go away or does she up the ante? “My boyfriend hit me, is that wrong?”.

On the whole, Dopers are a GREAT bunch. they are caring and go above and beyond being concerned in some cases (i,e. donating money, etc). I am irritated that someone could abuse this.

I know its not my place to say who can and can’t post. What can or Can’t be posted. But I do know that personal arguements should be kept off the board. And THAT is all I asked for in this thread.
but, as I said, all is cool.
This is the pit and I am willing to take the lumps given to me by those who do not agree wth my views.

I think BNB is right. Hell! With the shortage of hamsters around here it is bad enough to open threads and find out it is the same old story.

Sorry, another one pissed at the poor hamsters. :mad:

I read some of the above posted links, and while I never had any input for her, I sort of just rolled my eyes and clicked the back button.

Like the esteemed Jack Batty, I too, thought she was a younger person. Plus, I found it kind of eye-straining to read her posts. Sometimes they seem somewhat legible, but then they degenerate into incoherence. I reluctantly found myself thinking two people might be posting under her name, since the styles seemed to vary a bit, but since I really couldn’t care less about her and her man problems (I have enough problems of my own, and God knows if I posted all of them, I’d kill every shred of bandspace on this board and probably twenty others) I simply skipped on to other more interesting threads.

IMO, if Bad News Baboon felt it irritating enough to pit her about it, then by all means she had the right to post it. Everyone here knows pit threads have been started for far less. Plus, BNB is right. The same old crap over and over again does get tiring, especially when folks keep trying to help and it falls on deaf ears.

One of the things that separates LadyG’s threads from others about relationships (or any other hobbyhorse) is the fact, as BNB noted above, that the thread titles are coy and misleading. They are not about general topics that someone wants info on, they are about specific issues in her relationship. But they are not presented as such.

Take the hair thread. That could have been a legitimate question from any number of people, prompted by any number of incidents. I have wondered the same thing myself, since my MIL kind of badgered my wife about the latter’s long hair, which she wore into her early 40s.

But it was prompted instead by a private tiff, and instead of presenting it on the board as such, it was offered through the backdoor of an “innocent” question.

We were played. Baboon spotted it and called her out on it.

I don’t see a problem with that. Be honest, or hit the grit, I say.

Hmm, on reading the linked threads, LadyG strikes me as something of a whiner and a loser.

I almost threw in “pathetic”, but that wouldn’t be accurate since I don’t really feel any sympathy.

While I haven’t read everything she writes, she might consider getting a Live Journal for posts like those. I don’t see her as a “one trick pony” but as one that has some things to get out of her system.

I abuse Live Journal for all my mindless wanderings through my brain. It has been a nice place for me as for many, so we don’t spew stuff on a message board like the SDMB, Una’s board and Fathom. It’s a great outlet for when things are on your mind.

So, I will say to LadyG, consider the value of LJ and you will not look so goofy to the rest of the SDMBers.

If you join it, let me know (email me) and I will put you on my friend’s list and read all your life’s happenings. I enjoy reading other people’s stuff.

Why did the boyfriend get banned? I know I’m supposed to e-mail this question, but since it’s not a thread unto itself, I figured it may be OK. I didn’t see anything ban worthy in his last 10 or so posts. Am I missing something?

DaLovin’ Dj