The Office 10/28

What was Kelly supposed to be?

Oh- and I vote YES on Angela’s nurse costume. Two thumbs waaaaayyyyy up.

What did Creed ask about the customers of the bar they were going to? Sounded like ‘HR’.

Three thumbs. :slight_smile:

As a well-experienced pervert, I was quite disappointed by Pam and Erin’s costumes.

…and I’ll second the question on Kelly’s costume. Merideth’s too. I thought for sure she’d be something horribly skimpy, like a belly dancer.


I had to go to the IMDB message board to find out…it is some female rapper named Nicki Minaj.

Man, am I getting really old and out of touch (I had no idea what the deal was with the whole Wedding Dance either…), or was that just really god damned obscure?


He asked “What’s the crowd like – our age?”

Erin ate two apples! :slight_smile:

I hated this episode. What’s up with Jim asking about why the new guy didn’t call Pam back when they dated? Stanley doesn’t notice ANYTHING the whole day!?

The best costume by far, in my opinion (well, besides Angela’s nurse’s outfit) was Andy as Bill from True Blood.

And the best line was Stanley’s (paraphrased) “How many damned vampires am I supposed to keep track of?”


Who? Kelly or Meredith? Becaude Kelly looked like Snookie to me.

I think you mean Meredith. Kelly changed her costume into a big loud dress and pink hair.

Andy as Bill Compton was the best thing ever.

I think Kelly’s first costume was Amy Winehouse.

I think people are reaching with Kelly’s second costume. I doubt it was some obscure rapper.
I’ve seen something similar before…its a “SEXY” Willy Wonka/Oompa Loompa costume. Seriously.

Although hot, it’s way out of character for Angela to dress that way. The whole episode didn’t feel authentic to The Office universe to me.

Is it weird of me that I found Angela’s penguin costume sexy too (and NO, I am NOT a furry)?

Gabe had the best costume, IMO.

We all know what sells in that office, and she really wanted that coupon book.

The best part of the episode was that it reminded my wife and me that our coupon book expires on Monday. We still have over 10,000$ worth to get out of it!

So you’ve got about $75,00 left to spend?

…we make poor choices.