The pinch hit MMP

I see nobody else has started the MMP for this week, so I’ll do it myself. Since I have nothing prepared, some poetry:

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Some poems rhyme,
this one doesn’t.

Hijack away, Mumpazoids!

First! Woot!

I had an exceptionally lazy day yesterday and didn’t do much of anything at all. Today I should really get some seedlings transplanted as they need to go in little pots now, but it’s raining and doing that job means going outside to get the pots and compost. Hmm…there’s always tomorrow. I am not back at work until Thursday so I have a couple of extra days to play with, have a doc’s appointment tomorrow as I need a repeat prescription for my brain medicine, and on Wednesday I have a job interview for a 12-month maternity cover post that I kind of want. As I have time off, I should also try and get Shadow to the vet for his booster shots, he’ll need to get those before they go to the cattery next month so might as well do that sooner rather than later. I did renew my car tax online though, that’s something else I can tick off my list.

I think I’ll go and make some lunch first, then get on with the seedlings, I don’t have any excuse not to do it, it’s just slothfulness. But being a sloth is good, right?

Thanks all for your compliments on my cheesecake in the last MMP. Everyone at dinner seemed to like it.

And now for a small complaint this morning. About a week and a half ago I had a minor accident (not my fault). Well, I’ve been waiting for the crash report to come out so I could get a copy of it. This morning I knew that the crash report was available because I got 2 phone calls BEFORE 8 A.M. from doctor’s offices wanting to know if I wanted to come in and be examined. I was already awake, but still, there are not enough :rolleyes: in the world to express my feelings on this practice of vulturism (<-new word)!

Ok, onto more homework today.

Thanks for the lovely poem, VBob. :slight_smile:

Too much to do this week. Eek!

I brought oatmeal to work today (rolled oats, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon in a Tupperware container). Completely over-boiled in the microwave. I got like four tablespoons from my one cup prep. Plus I got to clean out the microwave.


I’m getting a cavity drilled in an hour. I just posted Bill Cosby’s “Dentist” sketch to my agony aunt blog to make myself feel better.

Not really working.


Oooh. Not good. Poor Spaz.

Good morning from Sunny Florida!! I’ve got the house to myself (well, me and the doggies) while everyone else is out running errands or going to appointments. So HI!!

Tomorrow evening, we’re taking everyone to a Japanese Steak House for dinner. My MIL keeps saying she won’t eat raw stuff, and we assure her it’s not sushi, tho we may have some anyway. No idea what the plans are for the rest of the day today - perhaps much sloth.

I’m ready to go home. I really don’t like Florida and frankly, I’m bored. I’ve been doing a lot of knitting and watching some really awful TV - last night we watched Celebrity Apprentice - what an awful bit of TV that is! Plus I had dreams involving Donald Trump all night. ick! I was hoping we could hook this computer to their TV and watch some netflix, but it won’t work on their TV. Oh well…

On the plus side, the weather is pretty nice - it’s cool and we’re going into the low 80s later. For now, the house is open and it’s pleasant in here.

That’s all I’ve got. Considering how late it is, I guess I missed all the marked down chocolates at Walmart this morning - alas… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Monday!!

**BBBobbio **- was thisyour OP inspiration?

Good morning! Slow to awaken today. Yesterday I spent a good five hours helping spruce up the properties here, mowing, trimming, chainsawing some large downed limbs. Then I had to finish unloading the truck of the stuff I bought back from the house on Saturday. By the time I was done I was beat.

So I indulged in two fairly strong bloody marys. I have not had much to drink in a long time - I find I can’t drink when I am upset or stressed, only when I am happy, so I have been dry for at least six months.

Needless to say, I got a bit drunk. Then my friends decided to take me out to dinner, so we all headed to a nice seafood place a few miles away and I was treated to a great rockfish dinner. I hadn’t had rockfish in years, and this meal was incredible.

We got home by 8 and by 9 I was passed out from food, booze and exhaustion. I woke up around 2am and stayed awake until 5am before sleeping again until 9:30am. I am thankful I am night shift, that’s for sure.

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I did.

The roses are purple
The violets are pink
I think my color TV’s
on the blink.

It ain’t often I get to dust off that oldie and use it. :smiley:

The only got I got is blurf. And a total lack of interest in irk.

It is a very blurfy kind of day, isn’t it?

I’m up to 5 unsolicited phone calls at this point.

Hola Mumperoids!

It’s a day off because the people in my school district think we need a day to recover from Easter.

And it’s pretty nice out today, soooo… adios!


We had no power at my place from 11:00am on Sunday until about 5:00am this morning. Surprisingly the stuff in the fridge seems to be fine (or at least I was surprised).

Five days until I get to move into my apartment!

AKA “Ambulance Chasing.”

Thought this was gonna be an MMP about baseball.
Had a very blurfy weekend. Family drama & Leo’s missing. I can’t imagine where we could be, we’ve hunted the house, combed the neighborhood, called the shelters (we’re going to one this afternoon, just to double check,) put an ad on Pet FBI & one on craigslist. put up fliers & called the local vet, but nothing yet.
I miss him :frowning:

I’m surprised that you haven’t been inudated by lawyer related solicitation mail. Get a speeding ticket or bumper thumper, and the larval politicians will mail bomb you for the following week looking to represent you. Feh. I used to write a nastygram back to them with their mail enclosed to tell them they’re slime and to shove their solicitations up their asses. I quit that because of the sheer volume of mail I got.

Found him!!! The neighbor had him!!!

Cool. :slight_smile:

Don’t hold back. Just how happy are you about this?