The sick Dopers sympathy and comisseration thread

Woke up yesterday with a stuffy head which progressed to a cough which was soon accompanied by body aches and fever. Woke up this morning and got my fanny to the doctor, who pronounced that I have both bronchitis and the flu. I’m dutifully taking my medicines, drinking lots of Gatorade, and staying mostly on the couch.

I know that there are other Dopers out there who feel rotten , too; I figured we might as well get our own thread so we can all be miserable together. So pull up a chair, snuggle up under your blanket, and pass the cough syrup. Just remember, no drinking after each other and cover your mouth when you cough. The Straight Dope Sick Doper Pity Party has begun!

At this moment, I’m trying to pass a kidney stone. My doctor has given me a prescription for an antibiotic and some Demarol for the incredibly severe pain. I’ll be glad when this is over.

Like other people in my area, I’ve been experiencing flu-like symptoms for the past few weeks. A worse problem, however, is exhibited by the skin on my hands, which has reacted to the bitter winter weather (at a latitude of 0.68053 radians north) by becoming dry and even cracking around the knuckles. Wearing gloves doesn’t help much, because putting them on and taking them off is abrasive to already tender skin. Klutz that I am, I also tend to bang my hands against hard objects, like the faucet in my sink when washing dishes, or the towel bar in my bathroom after having taken a shower. I tried soaking my hands in a warm water bath for an hour today, but I got bored and stopped after a half hour. My co-workers have jokingly referred to my condition as leprosy, because my wounds are a pretty ugly sight.

My sympathies to you guys, esp Mona. Happened to me this summer. Was bad. :frowning:

Once it’s over, see Baker for club membership info. :slight_smile:

There’s been several bugs going around my office and just when I thought I had escaped them all, blammo! Last night it hit me like ton of bricks. No real symptoms, just exhaustion, achiness and really general blecchiness. Ugh.

This is a great thread. Misery loves company.

I have a cold, a sick-making stomach bug and conjunctivitis. Yuck.

Chicken soup, anyone?

I am re-reading “TheStand” and I am stuffed up, not a good combination.

It’s cough cough really ok. Just a stubid cough cough code. I’ll cough cough ride it oud in no time cough cough cough.

I blame going to the states for this. One headline in USA today read ‘Flu rages on from coast to coast’. Shoulda cough cough stayed home.

I developed a badddd headache and feel a bit barfy tonight. I’m not sure what’s going on just yet. But I don’t think it’s a good sign. ::sigh::

Have you tried Udder Balm? This happens to my dad every winter because his hands are constantly wet while he milks cows. This stuff is amazingly moisturizing. It stops his knuckles from cracking open and bleeding, which is a such a relief for him. If you’re not up to trying something whose mascot is a cow, you might want to try to look for something with urea in it. Or you could pee on your hands. I’d go with the lotion.


Mona, if you do have any questions I have a good website my sister pointed me to, that has a lot of kidney/urinary health information. I had my first stones not quite six years ago, and this January 8 I will be having my right kidney removed. Little bastards kept coming back on the right, but stayed out of my left. Go figure.

I’m really sorry for your pain thought, and I hope you are one of the ones for whom this is a one-shot bout with the @#$%^&* stones! Badger your doctor for info.

I’m sorry for all of you that feel so poorly. I hope you all get better really soon, (come on guys!! Christmas is nearly upon us!!)

I just want to whinge and moan about the fact that having sick kids is way more taxing than being sick yourself… 3 weeks of enduring sick kids wears me out like you wouldn’t believe!

Raises hand

I’ve been off work for 2 days because yesterday I woke with an inner ear infection that made the world spin and gave me terribly loud tinnitus. Didn’t get to sleep until 2 am, then at 4 I woke with really bad diarreah. Sitting here shivering and glugging rehydration salts. Can’t get to sleep so am whining here. Boo hoo.

Hope you guys are feeling at least a little better (remember,mona, this too shall pass!). I’m sitting here at 6:30 am because my Nyquil wore off and now my snotty nose and raw throat are keeping me awake. On the plus side, the body aches and fever seem to be subsiding. Thank God for Tamiflu.

Hey, all, I’m here with a big heapin’ pot of organic free-range chicken noodle soup[sup]*[/sup] to go 'round.

I woke up with some fierce sniffles Friday and, 24 hours later, had a bonafide cold. Luckily, the fates smiled upon me, and that darn cat swept in to make me soup and keep my hydrated with supah-sugary cups of tea and pineapple-orange juice. I’ve been under an afghan ever since and am finally starting to perk up.

Hope it passes as painlessly and quickly for everyone else.

***** Or, for the more strident veggies, a can of Amy’s No-Chicken Soup. Yech. I couldn’t stand it.

OK, I just took my temperature - is 99.3° high enough to be considered a fever?

Broken hand. Pins come out on the 29th. Won’t get back to judo or bjj for at least three more months according to the doc.

Colonoscopy on the 22nd. Who knows where that’ll lead.

OK, it’s up to 100° now. That’s a fever.

You guys, I am so sorry for you. So far, the misshouse has avoided the flu. We have only had one kid down, with a cold that didn’t stick around.

I do feel for you all.
Get better soon.

I open my mouth and no sound comes out. I have lost my voice entirely. It’s a good thing I live in a Deaf household.