The struggle begins 4 days.

You winking at me?

Hey, you winking at me?
:wink: Right back at’cha. Can’t kill it that easily. No sirree.

[mobster muscle]
'Ey! Dere’s no bodies else 'ere.

Who do youse think I’m winkin’ at? :wink:
[/mobster muscle]

You’d be suprised how easily I can kill a thread tho’.

::dons his ninja gear and his poisoned tipped thread killing darts::

I mean, I’ve got all this cool equipment. :smiley:

It takes more then cool equipment to kill a thread!


What’s a knish?

Oh my dear, if you were my newbie initiate I should have you do a little search to tone those research muscles. But I’m a push over, if nothing else.

A knish is a piece of thinly rolled dough folded over a filling…like mashed potatoes or meat. Here, have one. I hear I make a mean knish.

mmm . . . knishes.

Hmmm… I leave home for a few days and now THIS?

I might just sit this one out and play judge or something. Be the reigning S.M.T.K.o.D and graciously hand the scepter off to the new champeen, or some such…

What, particlewill, not going to try to defend your title?

I’m not dead yet!

'Ere, 'e says e’s not dead.

Geez, guys, it’s not supposed to start till Monday!!

I mean, c’mon, you saw the OP…millenium, new, horrible creature, ominous thunder, scary, ooooooooooooooooooohhhh…
Ah, the Hell with it. I’m just gonna stop trying to be dramatic. If anybody needs me, I’m just gonna pack up all the candles, alters, and pentacles, and go cry in a corner.

I’m limbering up the old muscles. Gotta practice, ya know. :slight_smile:

You’re all a bunch of amatuers!!!

Heck, I’ve killed two or three threads in the last week alone!

This should be a piece of cake.


Yes please. I never got my fruitcake fix this year . . .


Oh, on the fruit cake thing

9 made it to their destination
2 were returned, with no forwarding address
1 was shipped to Borneo, and is being worshipped.

So… I’ve got 2 handy, you do know there’s only 12 in the world at any one time?

Okay…so now I’m confused. (STOP laughing…I know confusion is my home state)

Jester…come over here. Now listen, you’ve got to explain this to me. Was this just the thread-to-announce-the-coming-of-the-true-Threadkiller-thread? (heh heh, I started it and ended it with thread…so sue me, it’s early and I’m only on my first cup of joe)

Or, is this the actual thread? Come over here and sit down, let me put my head on your satin-clad shoulder and think this through.


Is there cake? I quite like white cake…but pumpkin or pecan pie sounds better. Oooooo, I need more coffee.

Cake… ew.

I have already lubed myself with Vaseline for an easier trip down the monster’s innards this time.

Glistening, I await the commencement of hostilities.

Hey, were these knishes made by struuter?

Glistening, huh? Nice.

Who else makes the knishes? :smiley:

Upon re-reading, I would like to state humbly that either of these statements would seem to be perfect sig material, should anyone want to use them. I’m DYING for somebody to use one of my lines as a sig.