The struggle begins 4 days.

OH SAURON! Can I please?! I’d love to have the second one. Can I please, pretty please?

Check out BornDodgy’s The last word thread. 330 posts in 17 hours. This thing’s growing at an unprecedented, nuclear mutant pace. Whoever kills it will be a true hero.

Are you KIDDING? Yes! Please! You honor me, madam.

:smiley: Thanks, Sauron. {{{smooch}}}

struuter, this was supposed to be the “teaser” thread, or the thread announcing the coming of the one true threadkiller thread, which I’ll start on Monday. This one’s just a preview. Still, I just had cake, and am in a better mood now, so I suppose that this can be a “warm-up” thread, for all of us to stretch our muscles and brush up our tactics.

Oh, and BornDodgy’s thread ain’t got nothin on us. That one doesn’t bear the official Threadkiller[sup]tm[/sup] seal, and is therefore not the real thing. Just think of hers as a profit of doom, whereas Monday’s thread is the real antichrist.

As for me, I’m gonna go over to the firing range and practice using my new spork guns. This time, I’m killing the thread in style. :smiley:

Thanks for the clarification, J. Much appreciated.

And you might want to wash some of those sporks. They’ve got cake on them. :smiley:

Cake is good. Chocolate or Lemon. I’ll bring my own fork, tho.

Saint…I’m sensing some trust issues here. Is it because you caught me polishing the silver with my breath and my shirt sleeve?

You know what my third grade teacher would say to you…

And did you bring enough forks for everyone?

(I like lemon cake too.)

Struuter, of course I trust you! Why shouldn’t I? :slight_smile:

Of course I have enough forks for everyone, I come prepared.

Slice of Lemon it is, then…

Ooh! Cake is good. Must say, though, I’m partial to chocolate.

Mmmmm. <aside> Now, if I could just get someone to pamper me and feed it to me…<aside>

nudge, nudge, wink, wink…

Ok, I posted, it’s dead. Where’s my prize?

No, no, no. See, they explained it to me. We don’t KILL until the new year. This is just…a warm up. Save your good stuff for next week.

Here, have some cake. :slight_smile:

Did someone say that struuter needs cake fed to her?

<sprints over>
<short bow, holds out fork>

Ah live to serve, madam.

seconds on the chocolate cake…
Ogre, sweetie, first there was thread killer…then there was son of threadkiller that crawled along but Jester wouldn’t let us feed it (we have a secret suspicion that it was leftover knish that kept the first one alive…), so it doesn’t count, then the unauthorised, non-Jester approved threadkilling of December, which Pwill also vanquished, taking it to two for two, & now… [drumroll]ThreadKillers 2001[/end drumroll]

I’m in…apparently as official archivist…but Dire Wolf has to come too…it gets cold archiving truly fiendish thread slaying and there’s nothing quite like a werewolf to keep your feet warm in the winter…struuter are you catering the snausages, or shall I bring those?

quick save there… thought we’d lost the thread there for a second. :slight_smile:

Partial to chocloate? Ha! Chocolate is Life! Chocolate with a spork approaches godliness. Sporks alone make the world go 'round, with chocolate cake added, none of this lemon junk, perfection is attained!