The struggle begins 4 days.

On January 1, the coming of a new millenium shall bring with it a creature of unimaginable horror. A creature so vile, so disgusting, and so terrible that it can only be repressed by the greatest Dopers among us.

The struggle will be long, hard, and dangerous, but, in the end, one person shall stand victorious, and hold their throne until the next year. Who will it be? Will it be the returning champion, a newcomer, or one of last year’s contestants, back and thirsty for revenge?

Who will deal the final blow? Who will rise above the throngs with the distinction of…

the one, the only…

<reverb, reverb, reverb>

In 4 days, the world will know.

Threadkillers 2000 is coming!

</overlydramatic teaser>


I just wanted Heloise to know that her response was absolutely perfect. I’m hurting over here from laughing.


Oh, I get it.

No, wait I…um…

Is this the…


You would have had to be a part of the original unkillable thread to really understand the horror. I was a contender briefly, but it became obvious that I didn’t have the stamina to outlast the horrible, slime-covered thing.

So, Jester…you think particlewill can do it twice in a row?

You TRY to be dramatic and dark and whimsical, and what do you get? “Huh?”

<sigh> I guess I’ll come clean. I was hoping that one of the original participants would step forward, but, apparently, they’re all to shamed by their association.

My dear Heloise, “Threadkillers” was a largely inconsiquential, but fun, thread a while back, begun by myself. You can find the original here, if you care to.

Basically, the contest focused on being the last poster to the thread, and therefore being dubbed Super-Mega-Threadkiller-o-Doom<reverb, rev…ahhh, screw it>.

The contest starts officially about half way down page one, and goes for 8 more pages after that. I’m trying to make it an annual event, but that will be quite impossible if nobody’s interested. Hence the teaser. Clear now? Good.

<walks off muttering something about “no sense of drama”>

If anyone can do it, Jester can.

I tried in the original thread, but I couldn’t make it past the first page.

I have faith in you, Jester.

I stand prepared to fight. During my last quest, victory was within my grasp when it was cruelly snatched away by the evil ISP who shall remain nameless and was unavailable duriing the last crucial hours.

I shall be avenged!!!

Oh, J. don’t get all upset. You know how we all are–it always takes us a while to get here, but we’ll make it. Have a little faith in the old crew.

And I just want to state right now that I’m having this whole affair catered. That way we’ll be well fed. I won’t kill anything, most likely, but I’ll be here til the end. Rest assured.

BTW, I thought your OP was very dark and mysterious. Very effective. :slight_smile:

<prepares his instruments of mass thread destruction…the sweat glinting off the “Threadkillahs” tattoo on his right fore-arm>

Hmmm…, mindless ramblings. Check.
Jokes that aren’t funny. Check.
The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics. Check.

<prepared he closes his black leather case and perches high atop the sky-scrapers of the city of Doperton…awaiting the coming battle>

Alright, I’m in. I can’t keep a thread going, I kill the ones I post to, I’m a regular Typhoid Saint.

Let’s see if I can kill this.

So, let me get this straight…people just keep posting until…umm…until…no one can post anymore and a mod closes it? So it’s just keep posting Mundane Pointless Stuff We Must Share? Weird…

Uhm yeah that. . . just about sums it up.

[Antonio Banderas voice] So, Let’s play [/Antonio Banderas voice]

Uh, shouldn’t that be “Threadkillers 2001” or something more applicable? :rolleyes:


It’s not my fault! Really! I couldn’t see from under the hood of my ominous-looking robe, and the smoke from the eiree candles was in my eyes, and…crap.

Well, per thinksnow’s very well-justified observation, the contest is Threadkillers 2001, as it should be.

Dammit, boy, you couldn’t just let it go, could you. :smiley:

on the other hand, one of us could still kill this thread, giving him a leg up on the competition. We’ve got 4 days, ya know. :smiley:

<looks around quietly, nods slowly> Aha. I can see we’re all getting pretty serious about this threadkilling. I guess I’d better start limbering up my homicidal tendancies.

Is this a free-for-all? Or are there rules of engagement? Doesn’t matter, I know…It’s all in the timing.

Say, thinks–thanks for the award. You’re the hottest snowman ever.
Anybody want a knish?

Now struuter, you know I’m down for knish!

And no, Jester, I couldn’t let the year thing slide, it’s not often I catch errors before others here! I’m just glad i dind’t screw something up in my correction post, as is so often the case :slight_smile:

WRT the theme of threadkilling, I’ve noticed that I’m usually not the killer, per se, rather I’m about two or three post removed…convenient, eh?


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Not even through the first page and already the posts are dwindling.

A fine bunch of threadkillers you are. Where is the dedication? Where the resolve? Where the vicious clanging of thread battle?

Hmph. I’m just going to sit right down here and finish off this knish.

<cue echo effect>
<cue echo effect>

(that oughta get somebody going…there’s no way I can win this easily)

I was waiting for Jester to post the actual threadkiller thread. I didn’t know if this was actually it or not.

If it is, consider it dead now. :wink: