The truly great threads in SDMB history

funniest things said during sex.

The great Drier Lint death match.

How can anybody forget the blue dildo!!!

Would you shoot and kill your child in this situation?

An overly melodramatic hypothetical situation gets topped with ridiculous alternate scenarios involving acid glue, Hitler, and human cannonballs. One of my favorite threads ever.

From one of our storytelling masters, Scylla: [thread=373196]Elephant Proof[/thread]

I’m not sure that “truly great” really applies, but for 9 pages, 443 replies and 44,365 views tried to figure out what the hell 14 k of g in a f p dwas before the thread got locked!

Did anybody ever get a reliable answer to this goddamn thing?

Do you know of other such annoyances that captured the SDMB’s imagination for that many pages (or more) over something that trivial and funky?

Heh. I think what’s great about 14k is that- though clearly seen now as having no answer, it’s entered the lexicon of the board. I saw many, many references to “14k of”… long before I ever encountered the thread in question.

I don’t know if this one captured the imagination, but it certainly caught the attention of most people. For me it reads as one of the greatest pits and subsequent meltdowns I’ve ever seen, anywhere:

Question for Beryl_Mooncalf

This is my absolute favorite thread. Ever.

It took some finagling with my vanity search to get back to my first year here (2003) but I really wanted to see if some of those threads that were fun or funny at the time still hold up.

Here are four that pass my taste test:

If TV Shows and Movies Had Honest Titles had 2 pages with 59 replies and 1,727 views.

Non Sequiturs had 4 pages with 160 replies and 1,707 views.

This thread consists solely of punch lines to jokes. had 4 pages with 174 replies and 1,521 views.


Funniest joke you know had 6 pages with 262 replies and 11,107 views.

It’s amazing how many ideas and even thread titles get recycled! If somebody took the trouble to sort the entire SDMB by topic, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are way fewer actual topics and way more repeats of the same ideas than we would think.

One thread I’m still trying to locate, maybe more than one, has to do with Threadspotting. I recall it (they) provided a good overview of some of the more memorable threads.

Search is failing me at the moment, but I remember a post from 2001 or 2002, where someone substituted “amtraks” for “anthrax”.

Using “threadspotting” in a keyword search, I got 19 pages of hits going back to 2002 or so. I did find a few of interest, including the one I remember posting myself. All of them will have “threadspotting” highlighted.

A surprise in the search results is the now-famous ++ a ++ (mentioned in the OP) which goes on for 107 pages with 5,337 replies and 37,440 views. I believe it has been stated in other threads asking for such trivia that this is the Big Thread!

More to do with the issue of Threadspotting are:

Threadspotting: Your most successful thread with 42 replies and 883 views.

Post your most successful thread. 2 pages with 53 replies and 625 views.

what is your most popular thread? with 37 replies and 567 views.

What is the most interesting thread ever started on the SDMB? with 30 replies and 1,929 views.

One intriguing title may be worth examining:
What’s the hardest you ever laughed? has 3 pages with 120 replies and 7,072 views.

Thanks I gave up after 20 minutes of searching. I was correct on the product.

Why ChiefScott is Afraid of Toilets.

This was one that I read when I needed a laugh during my long illness. It was one of the few things that I could always chuckle about. The adventure is in a safety manual for one of the armed forces too.

I found it following links in old posts. Yeh!

Why ChiefScott is Afraid of Toilets.

I ran across this little gem while searching.
The crappiest day of my life by Sofaspud. Kids are so naughty. Never leave them in the bathroom alone.

Lest we forget, If other authors had written Lord of the Rings?

Someone asked for help with writing a report on To Kill A Mockingbird. We killed that book with some totally bizarre ideas, including one that Boo & Dill eventually started the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

The OP said his teacher was surprised because she did not know that. Someone else responded “Why so surprised? Wasn’t Dill always trying to get Boo to come out?”

I laughed harder at that post than at anything else I have ever read on the Internet. I still crack up every time I think of it.

I wish I could find that damn thread. I should have bookmarked it.

Maybe a keyword search on “Radley”?

I don’t have time to search, but:

The Cooler of Death
the Spooky Story Thread - that wasn’t the title, but it had a very long run
Scylla’s story about his goofy wolfhound

If only for the:

"Would I shoot my child if he was trapped in a burning car?

Well, I wouldn’t shoot him right away. I’d fire a warning shot first, just to let him know I was serious. Then, if it absolutely couldn’t be helped, I’d try to shoot him in the leg or something, just to disable him long enough for me to get away."

That was me, but I don’t remember what the thread was. Everybody was excited about what would happen if you got one of those white powder terrorist envelopes. I alerted them. If you get flu-like symptoms and a strong desire to ride passenger trains, see your doctor immediately. You could have Amtraks.