The truly great threads in SDMB history

I don’t know how “great” it was…

But one on the funniest threads I remember was something along the lines of “how are beer and jesus the same/different?” or something like that. Circa 2001 give or take a year.

One guys idea of an ad for nails had me crying with laughter.

Second only to goat porn IMO.

In the old days there used to be some wickedly great limerick/poetry threads (not much anymore - why?), but one of the all-time best was the Korean Grocery Poetry Jam. It got disappeared for a long time, thought to be a victim of Our Winter of our Missed Content, but it awoke briefly like Oliver Sacks’ patients, only to go away again.

It was awesome.

Some of my faves:

A New Evil Is Upon Us: Hello Kitty Haiku Contest
Cooler of Death
Parliamentary hockey (Disclaimer: I started this one, but didn’t expect it to be the modest success it was.
In other fairy tale news
Top ten times in history when using the F-word was appropriate
The Top 101 StraightDope Threads…Of All Time. From 2005. I’m sure there have been more.

I’ve been looking all over for it as well. I thought I bookmarked it, but no. Bother.

Excellent finds, Sunspace! That one about “The Top 101 StraightDope Threads…Of All Time. From 2005” is the one I had been trying to locate!

Thanks for the additions.

I summon the awesome brainpower of the Dopers to find this one.

Some poster got annoyed because his/her OP’s ended up being belittled and highjacked, usually with people posting recipes. So he/she tries another OP, admonishing that he/she did not want recipes in responses.

The very first response was a recipe.
I wonder if the person still hangs out here.

Can’t fine id - it was started by CheifScott, was quickly hijacked into the ultimate musical dreck threads EVAR

I think that is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on here. I need to find that and re-read it.

This one showed up in a similar thread some time ago. Short ‘n’ sweet:

Ask the ambiguous guy.



Well, they weren’t funny like most of these, but I get a lot of pleasure re-reading the Very Vaguely Creepy threads…

The phrase “death by flung” stands out as belonging to a noteworthy thread (crazy poster flameout?) from way back before even my lurking days. I had no luck finding it. Maybe someone else knows what the heck I’m talking about?

I hadn’t read this one before, Solfy, but here you go.

The Telemarketer Speaks. I Respond. Cervaise’s classic.
Cthulu v. Og: The Battle of the Gods!
If life is a rock and the radio rolls me… Someone mentioned this upthread, silly song lyrics started by ChiefScott.
Fun and games with Mr Austin Wemba ** Mangetout’s** classic scammer-baiting.
Please do not post complete lyrics to songs! A mod posts a rule, hilarity ensues.

I got a huge kick out of Ruin A Joke

If I may: this is still, to date, my only pitting of another member. He had…anger issues. This is the origin of “Fucko Off!”

Then he came back with something like four socks and tried to stir things up, but unfortunately I can’t recall any of his sock names…

Post #18 is Master Wang-Ka’s epic tale of an encounter with some “door to door” type folks…

This was the one that got me started on scambaiting.

Unleash the Incendiary Pigs!

The one about the death of a famous French mime artist.
I’ve never laughed so hard at some of the posts.