The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux (Part 1)

Remember when Trump didn’t want the Diamond Princess cruise ship to dock in the U.S. because the cases would be counted as U.S. statistics? This is the same thing, and he didn’t claim it was a joke then.

He’s treating the pandemic as if it were one of his failing businesses. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt as long as he doesn’t have to pay for it. If you can keep the debits from appearing on the ledger sheet, or you can hide them in a different column, it’s the same as if they don’t exist.

It was a joke?
The Trumpettes there weren’t laughing-they were applauding.

Trump’s campaign advisors: “Sir, we’re not implying you’re going to get savaged or trounced in November. We’re merely suggesting that after January you are going to have a lot more time for golf and hookers who aren’t your wife.”

(Note: this is not original. Not sure where I got it from.)

I’d be more inclined to believe this if he actually had a sense of humor beyond “punch dude in face laugh at blood.”

It’s the guiding principle of the GOP during the Trump administration: “It’s Okay If A Republican’s Incompetent.”

He wouldn’t laugh. He’d whine about how his hand hurts.

That is what I meant - sarcasm tags were off…

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I’m going with “COVID Barbie.”

I was going to go with “It’s Okay, It’s A Republican Idiot”

I watched the video of him getting off the helicopter and yeah, he looked tired and beaten but I thought he looked more “normal” than maybe any other time I’ve seen him. His hair looked much less cartoon-ish and he seemed to be walking more normally. I wondered if he had taken off the shoes with the lifts and put on some that were more comfy since he knew nobody taller than him would be standing by for comparison.

Transcript of some classic Tulsa ramble

brainbleach will be provided at the door

This is exactly why the Russian bots and trolls are pushing so very, VERY hard on the “Biden is mentally incompetent” crap. They pretty much KNOW at this point that they are dealing with a Republican presidential candidate that is certifiable. So they have to try the Rovian tactic of accusing their opponent of their own candidates biggest flaw.

See; Swiftboating.

My choice is: “it’s Okay, It’s A Republican Incontinent”.

Due to the Presidents well known use of adult diapers.

Caption for the Dishevelled Trump photo:

Donald Trump: I haven’t been screwed by this many teens since Epstein’s last party.

every crowd shot included an African-American

That poor guy probably ended up even more disheveled than Trump from being run around all over the place…

Yeah, he looked so different that I almost didn’t recognize him. I have never seen him looking like that, ever. It was so weird. I feel like a horrible person for enjoying it, but he has always knocked other people for having health problems, feelings, or being tired, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Someone on another board I frequent said they’re surprised at the poor “candidate management” this showed, and I hadn’t thought of it that way. They allowed him to walk by himself (no family members or personnel next to him) looking limp and ragged with orange makeup smeared on his collar. Not much of a way to show off how awesome your candidate supposedly is. Others speculated that maybe trump had such a tantrum that staff were afraid to tell him he didn’t look too spiffy.

Plus the quick-change costumes are exhausting

The look of defeat this projects, and the utter disaster that rally was may do more than anything else to affect his support.
A lot of his support seems to be built on tough guy, winning, power - exposing him so blatantly as weak and looking weak may be the innocuous turning point.
And Trump being Trump - he’s sure to start flailing to make up for it…

Oh snap!