The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux (Part 1)

America needs a president. Not a whiny bitch

He has another “rally” tomorrow, in Arizona (which is also, AIUI, having a spike in COVID cases), but never fear, the church leaders have a solution

I’m petty sure he’ll do everything to pack the church and who knows what he’ll say about the Topeka Tango, but I can hardly wait…

She’s in a long line of Baghdad Bobs.

Sounds like the typical mega-church scam to fleece the people. Maybe they’ll also sell “holy oil” to cure everyone.

Feel free to share. (I did.)

A church with 7 locations? I don’t think that I have heard of a franchised church before.

In other church-trump related news, a church in Oregon had several large gatherings in violation of the Governor’s Covid restrictions, citing trump’s demands for states to let churches open back up to worship. There had been 22 cases of Covid in the county of 27,000 people-- now there are 258 cases, with 236 tied to the church. Nice going trump! They say one man can’t make that big of a difference himself, even the President of the United States, but trump proves the doubters wrong all the time.

I like “Rehydrated Kellyanne Conway.”

I like “Baghdad Barbie.”

If Trump were more clever, he could claim that the low attendance at the Tulsa rally was planned. “Yes, there were only 6,000 or so people there. We planned it that way so that we could ensure social distancing by only seating people in every third seat.”

Except that he was expecting yuuuge crowds because they were trolled by the TikTok kids. So trump bragged a bunch about how big the crowd was going to be, bigger than ever, a MILLION ticket requests, and they even built the 40,000 person outdoor overflow arena.

Of course, saying one thing one day has never stopped him from claiming a completely contradictory thing a couple days later.

Remember Jon Lovitz as Tommy Flanagan, the pathological liar on Saturday Night Live? Trump could model him, “Yeah, we totally planned it that way. We intended to have the arena only one-third full. My first concern is the health and safety of the American public.”

Yeah, maybe if Alec Baldwin ever retires his trump character like he keeps saying he wants to, SNL could bring in Lovitz to host and do a trumped-up hybrid of that character and trump. It would work really well if (please for the love of God) trump loses and Lovitz hosts in the period between the election and Biden inaguration, as the Lovitz/trump character obsessively throws out increasingly ridiculous lies about why he lost the election, or that he didn’t actually lose at all.

…yeahhhh, that’s the ticket!

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Arizona on Tuesday, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego has a message for the president: set an example and wear a mask. Mayor, don’t know by now that Trump is only capable of being a bad example?

Why wait? Let’s have Jon Lovitz do sketches of Trump right now, as a Tommy Flanagan-like pathological liar. The fact that we’d be making fun of him by comparing him to an SNL character from the late 1980s only adds to the humiliation.

We all know that having any woman (except Ivanka) tell him to do anything (except possibly take off his clothes and lie down) will ensure that he absolutely will NOT do it! Ain’t no uppity woman gonna tell me anything (except possibly to lie down, etc, and then it has to be in Russian…)

I predicted about two months ago that this was exactly how the virus would spread in low population density rural areas.

Sometimes I hate being right.

Tommy Flanagan is that actor with the Glasgow Grin. :grimacing:

Interesting info on Tucson; it’s 100F (feels like 108F) right now (it’s 1:30pm Central time). And he was in Yuma (99F currently) this morning to see ‘his wall’, a roundtable discussion, a visit to Honeywell, and then had to fly to Tucson for the speechifying. Don’t know how many of you have lived in climates with regular 100F temps, but it does take something out of you, especially if your an old man in less than perfect shape making several stops (did he fly out overnight or early this morning?). Bet his talk (at 5:40pm Central) is no 2 hours.

But I won’t be watching anyway…

They’re all indoor stops, except the wall, and he’s probably got all the A/Cs going full blast in all vehicles and buildings.

You don’t think he’d actually risk his face goop melting off from any sweat, do you?