The Understatement Thread

Cecil Adams is kind of smart.

It’s a little cold sometimes in Alaska.

Eve is a good little poster.

Pro athletes make a buck or two.

JDT is a bit obsessed
Coldfire is only slightly intelligent
Fierra and Una are mildy infatuated
I am a bit sad and alone


The music at the concert I was at yesterday was a little loud.

A room that’s about half the size of a jail cell isn’t the most ideal place to play music.

(That’s not the same concert as above, the second time it was just me and few friends.)

Smilies get a little tired…

Hilter was a bit ant-social, don’t you think?

I really like the chap I’m engaged to.

I find the weather to be a trifle chilly here in winter.

I do enjoy a good book now and then.

We have a couple of computers…

Bills are rather unpleasant, telephone bills a little more than the others.

My word! The Australian dollar doesn’t fetch as much as it used to, does it!

Every now and again, the unexpected happens.

Splodgeness abounds.

I’m not altogether happy to have a new boss.

I might perhaps enjoy a drink of water now that I’ve gone for my 5 mile run.

I am really looking forward to Tuesday (the next week and a half, in fact)

I post occasionally.

There are a couple of fun people on this board.

I kinda sorta like the Braves.

Some people are a little intolerant.

I am one of the smartest posters on this board.

(Sorry. Isn’t this the Liar’s Thread?)

Scylla can write a decent line or two.

Fenris is occasionally amusing.

Microsoft products could perhaps be tested a little more rigorously before release.

gaudere has been known to string together one or two intelligent words in a row.
…and she’s not too difficult to look at either.

I am very, very, very, very, very, very horny.

The weather could be a little nicer here.

The guy who sideswiped me and has run my mother off the road twice? I’m not extremely fond of him.

Gunslinger’s mildly attractive.

I’ve felt better.

ChiefScott’s post gave me a chuckle.

Oh, I’d make you chuckle all right…

Dolly Parton is a woman.
You can really get absorbed in the Internet.
3rd Rock from the Sun is goofy.
The Taliban is a bunch of jerks.
Reggie Mantle is proud.
Victor Borge, Oscar Levant and Vladimir Horowitz could tickle them ivories!
Jalapeños are spicy.
I hesitate to believe the stories in The National Enquirer.

Dude, he said understatements - not gross exaggerations. I clearly fall in the “smart enough not to soil the living room” category.

How’s these?
London is a somewhat expensive city to visit.
I don’t mind a good F1 race, when it’s on.
The Dutch national football team drew against Portugal last week, but it only bothered me slightly.
The last minute penalty in the aforementioned match was somewhat doubtful.
Taxes in the Netherlands are a trifle on the high side.
I only speeded marginally when they gave me a NLG 170,- ticket last week.