The Venture Bros. 39: The Family that Slays Together, Stays Together II

The season finale is up at Adult Swim’s website now, if you’re willing to watch it on their low-res embedded Flash player. A fine episode indeed. Plenty of blood, plenty of wacky hijinx, plenty of fun to be had by all, but I find myself completely overwhelmed – unable to think coherently – shocked to my core.

Holy shit, they killed 24!

“Brock Sampson? Long live that blonde-haired, buttercream frosted murdercake!”

“why would you buckle your seatbelt. why would you do that!”


"I don’t know!!!
The thing is I can totally sympathize. I’ve been known to buckle my seatbelt when just moving a car from one part of a driveway to another to let someone out. It’s just habit for a lot of people when we get in cars.

Sadly, this habit ended up costing 24 his life. Time to start not buckling my seatbelt.

Edit: Forgot my favorite line,

Dr. V: Hank, there are only four- (sees comatose Dean) three and a half of us!
Hank: Not if you let me open my Christmas gifts early, they’re aren’t!

Dr. V: My father made me kill a man – KILL A MAN – with a housekey. I was 10.

As if we needed any more confirmation as to what a horrible father Jonas Venture was.

I loved how Molotov dresses when she’s not on assignment.

Not only 24, but HELPeR! Noooooo!

II think 24 is still alive. I suspect that head is the guy who the Monarch accidentally decapitated.

That entire episode may qualify as the most screwed up thing in history; every time I thought it couldn’t get more twisted in comes something else.

Pretty darned good ep. I liked the twists and turns.

After the little homage to The Terminator last week with HELPeR, I liked the followup homage with the psychiatrist. Straight out of T2.

“You only live once” - yeah, now that you’ve spent all the clone slugs…

I can’t believe he is really gone. I thought it was a rule that 21 and 24 didn’t die.

I know. They had that perfect mix of expendable and invulnerable.

Can we not spoiler-box now, since it’s aired?

I guess 24 is partying it up with Scott and Speedy in Heaven. :frowning:

Well perhaps - however, the possibilities are endless, what with Super Science involved.

A Monarch-Bot ( perhaps made from that defective suit of the Monarch’s ) with 24’s reanimated head attached, perhaps ? Remember the guy Venture reanimated last season IIRC ? Hijacking Venture’s cloning facilities to run off a few copies ?

That’s ridiculous. What kind of obscure pop-culture, comedic reference could you get out of this morbid…“re-animating” of a severed head? And how would you even accomplish it—like there’s some silent legion of ressurect-ers just running around to shew up and inject an elixir of life into freshly killed characters for the audience’s benefit?

Ooooo, “And this is one of the Guild’s newest members, Doctor Herbert West. We sent him to clean up all those scattered body parts after your fracas with the OSI; he was quite efficient and enthusiastic.”

I tried to shoot myself in the head with a shrink ray and now I got this little baby toungue!

I can’t imagine that The Monarch would waste time and money on raising #24. But I wonder if #21 will do something about it.

I can just see a long sequence where # 21 screws around with Venture’s/The Monarch’s equipment and a badly damaged # 24 head, trying to clone it, regrow a body, or attaching it to this or that. Probably dropping it several times. And if he succeeds, screwing it up in some entertaining way, like # 24 spending the next season as a talking head in a jar, no doubt while being expected to keep up his henchman-duties despite lacking limbs. Something like :

Head of #24 “How am I supposed to fight Sampson without any body ?!”

Monarch : “Oh, hell . . . be creative ! I know, # 21 ! Throw Head Guy there at Sampson, maybe he can gnaw on an ankle or something !”

I still don’t really understand whose side Hunter S Thompson is on. Is he infiltrating the Molotov assassin gang, or is he really in it? And if those 3 OSI henchmen weren’t trying to kill Brock, then why were they very obviously trying to kill Brock? Very confusing.

The first part’s not explained, but I infer that Col. Gathers (Hunter S Thompson) really is part of the Blackhearts. I’ll get to why in a minute.

The second part is that Molotov hired the 3 assassins to kill Brock, but made him think OSI sent them after him. However, Brock wasn’t her target. The 3 assassins were. She knew Brock was badass enough to kill them all. Gathers’ job was to tip the odds in Brock’s favor, which was why s/he (I try to be polite about transgender, but Gathers is just too unusual) was so helpful the couple of times Brock showed up at the strip club. Once Brock had killed the assassins, the Blackhearts became the #1 assassins. They were really just bumping off the competition.

The entire end of the series had nothing to do with Venture, or the Monarch, or OSI. It was just the Blackhearts manipulating Brock.

So. When does Season 4 start?