The Walking Dead; 3.04 "Killer Within" (open spoilers)

Back to the main group tonight. Somebody (or something) leaves the prison gate open.

Can’t have two black guys on the same show now, can we?

Now that pissed me off, T-Dog had a lot of underutilized potential, but noooo, they had to take the cheap shot and kill him off…

Is there a reason that Carol looks like she has cancer?

Edit: Also, God damn it, why kill off T-Dogg? Stupid name aside, he’s actually pretty useful.

If Lori dies in this episode, it might slightly redeem it, if Lori and zombaby die, it’ll be a net win, still steamed over the loss of T-Dogg though

Ding dong the witch is dead!

That’s going to make a lot of dopers happy.

Holy Shit! How freakin’ intense was Darryl sneaking up on Tall Black Prisoner? My favorite scene of the entire series now!

Damn good episode.

She’s covering up hair that hasn’t been washed in months? Oh, she needed something to loose while running that makes the others think she’s dead. It really made her look like a different person. Lori’s dead; let the fandom rejoice. Of course with Lori dead caring for the infant is going to be an even bigger problem. How are they going to fead it? None of the women are lactating, and they have no access to infant formula or milk.

Man, I need to think about this one a while before I vote. Undeniably a powerful episode, but jeez, I don’t feel right being entertained by such harshness.

Thngs are certainly looking even more bleak than ever for Rick’s ragtag band.

From a purely tactical view, the baby is an immense risk, it brings no talents or skills to the group, it only consumes valuable limited resources, and has the potential to reveal their position to walkers, as well as other, perhaps less than benign groups

There are no tangible benefits to keeping the baby, and many risks, from a purely Machiavellian standpoint, the baby should be abandoned, or used as a “crybaby” to lure the walkers away from the prison

While I agree the baby is a drain, if they think they’re going to start something resembling a normal life, babies are part of that.

And now that they’ve secured the prison again, they don’t need to lure walkers away. There will always be more walkers - any that a crying baby lured off would be replaced soon enough by other wanderers.

I was wondering if she was letting her hair grow out for another role but looking at her IMDB page, it seems she’s always had it this way (at least she did in a 2008 headshot).

When Lori was having the C-Section, we all knew she was going to die. Did anyone else wonder why they didn’t put her out of her misery before they cut her open? Or at least attempt to stop the bleeding after the pulled the baby out?

Also, they really should have cut out the scene with Rick crying. That was pretty awful.

Carol… What happened to Carol?

On “Talking” Gale A. Hurd said she might not have made it. Which I wish she hadn’t said.

Had we ever seen Andrew, the rogue prisoner before?

I think that was the guy Rick locked in the yard after offing Tomas? Although how he survived that, I don’t know.

Yeah, he’s the guy Rick put out into the yard with the zombies.

Holy crap, way to whittle your cast down. I really hope Carol made it. Poor T Dogg. And holy crap, how traumatized for life (well, you know, MORE traumatized for life) are Maggie and Carl? Jesus.

Andrew was part of the prison group; he was locked out by Rick two eps. back, and presumed eaten by Walkers, but that wasn’t shown or confirmed on-screen.

I appears he “made it” out of the walker-infested yard after Rick turned and left him for dead.

ETA: D’oh! Double-ninja!

Well, we saw her go through that door, and it’s not like anyone saw a body…but that door goes right out into the yard near where Hershel and his daughter were, so where the fuck did she go?

And Andrew was the prisoner that, in the second episode, ran away from Rick after he killed the other prisoner. He ran out into a small, fenced-off portion of the yard, and Rick just closed the door on him. We were to assume he got killed, but clearly he somehow made it out…and found an axe…and was clever enough to do all that stuff he did.

Carol ran down a hallway when T-Dog held back the two zombies. Did we have another reason to believe she didn’t make it?