The Walking Dead; 6.15 "East" (open spoilers)

People on this show make speeches to each other a lot more than happens in real life. Well, my real life anyway.

I’d have not more if I were in bed with her and an apple, but what do you find stupid about it?

The last two weeks have been extremely weak after a good run of a few episodes.

Also I am positive they added the “You’ll be fine” dialog after the fact because of the (justified) fan reaction to the bullshit with Glenn. Had that not happened, this would have been another fake out.

Totally agreed.

Pretty much what I said - the whole thing was ham fisted and a dumb way to convey the message that they have food from Hilltop. Every step of the sequence was totally forced.

Have an apple right next to the bed.
Wake up and take a bite, dripping on yourself and the bed.
Push the apple into your sleeping partner.
Then he takes a bite because hey, apple in my face
Then hand it back and put it back on nightstand

Who does that? The message could have been delivered by the two having a meal or talking in any other context but it’s just rediculous to wake up and spontaneously bite into fruit. Uggh and I know this is a pedantic complaint. I just really want to like the show.

If you really want to like the show, Bone, than just sit back and like it. I mean, the apple scene was stupid, I agree, it was forced and just out of place, but you know what? I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it. Once the scene was over and they moved on to more important things, I let it go. It was irrelevant, so why bitch about it.

Sorry to vent, but hey, I just really want to like the show. I come to these threads to see what other fans my think or theorize about plot developments and such, but when I see comments talking about the apple scene stupidness or other things that characters do that seem stupid or careless, well, it gets to me. If you want to complain and nitpick about a show and just tear it down, than start a thread for that. This thread is not the place.

Ok, I’ll give back my stolen junior mod hat. Sorry all.

I agree. I really do want to like the show. There is such potential to deliver the same messages with such minor tweaks and not changing anything significant that it becomes distracting when the writers decide what they do.

I mentioned in last week’s thread that after canceling cable, this is the only show that I’ve purchased a season pass to watch because I can’t wait a year for it to come on Netflix. It’s the show that I make a point to watch (and GoT) when it airs so I can talk about it. But I get it, it’s no fun to just bitch so I try to keep it to a minimum.

I don’t know where you get the idea that these threads are not the place to bitch about plot holes and sloppy writing. Perhaps you should avoid them if it bothers you that much.

No, see, in my opinion, if you like a show and you tune in each episode to see whats going to happen with the story and the characters you like, then you want to discuss it and talk about it with other fans. That’s what the thread is for, I think.

If all you want to do is come to the thread and complain about trivial things and inaccuracies or stupid scenes, then don’t go to the thread where people are excited about the show. Hell, why even watch it if your just using it to gather ammo to fire your Bitchy Rant Gun at fans??

Emphasis added. Agree on that point. But you haven’t been on this MB very long, and there is a lot of history of ripping into sloppy writing in these types of threads. And just because we rip into it at times, doesn’t mean we don’t like the show. I’ve been ripping into it for the last few episodes, but I’ll gladly say it’s my favorite show right now. It’s just that the last few episodes have been BAD!! And when you have bad episodes, we’re going to rip into it.

But I do agree that if you don’t like the show, coming in here just to bitch about it is threads shitting.

Fair response and point taken.

No harm, no foul.

If only there was a way to filter out the trolls:(

Almost certainly it IS Carol. She’s the only character being given a lot of screen time of the classic Send-Off variety: this is what you’ve done in the past [get that little boy killed when her voice echoed in his head and he panicked]; this is the level to which you’re endangering your friends now [going off on her own]; these are the final grace notes of your life [making and distributing cookies; finally having a brief romantic interlude (with Tobin).

It won’t be Gabriel–his death wouldn’t create water-cooler talk. And that’s what the showrunners want.

And she’s having the crisis-of-conscience / becoming a moral compass of sorts, which is never a good sign. To be fair, though, a few people are having that same crisis: Morgan, maybe Glenn (maybe not, but he seemed really disturbed, rightly so, for killing those people in their sleep, but then they kind of dropped that thread). But yeah, it’s feeling like Carol’s getting the setup.

I have to say though that they’re playing with a LOT of the usual harbingers, though. Personal epiphanies/conversions (Carol, Abe, Eugene, Gabriel, etc.), hooking up with Rick (Michonne), being black :p, and so on. Based on being Rick’s girlfriend, black, AND captured – not looking good for Michonne, either, which would probably also be guaranteed to have people talking. Don’t see how they could lose her, though, unless it re-hardens Carol, who they’ve set up to be almost useless and relatively expendable.

And yeah, even though a lot of the writing this season has been incredibly dumb, for some reason I’m able to pretty much wave it off and still be kind of excited to see where these characters go. Overall, the arc is interesting to me. I was thinking the other day how it might be neat to somehow see what would happen if Negan and the Termites, or the Governor, had run into each other; or Termites vs. the Governor, etc…ie what would’ve happened if we got to see two psycho leaders run into each other. And then immediately realized, of course, that that’s kind of what we’re seeing, though we’re attached to our particular psycho killers because we see what led them there and what their supposed justifications are, etc. But from the Saviors’ perspective I’m sure many of them are just doing what they feel they have to do, and Rick’s guys are ninja mass-murderers who attacked out of nowhere unprovoked – made clear in the last couple of episodes with the “you’re not the good guys” line and so on. What exactly is the “proper” or desired or necessary balance of peace vs. violence to have a functioning society out of disorganized chaos? Seems if you try to have a peaceful, isolated community, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes to take it from you, or demand fealty by force, so sitting behind your walls doing committee work is only going to last until someone bigger than you comes knocking.

Anyway, I’m interested to see where it goes. Unfortunately some of the details are dumb. But such is the case with just about anything on TV. People in real life have been known to do dumb shit, too. So I just say “wtf?” and move on…

Why are you saying he got shot in the shoulder? What did I miss? I thought the whole point was that we didn’t see what happened so don’t know where he was shot?

By the way, I think Daryl is dead. I think the “you’ll be fine” comment will be shown to be Dwight saying it to Rosita. It doesn’t make much sense either way, but was clearly put in by the writers to build suspense.

If Daryl isn’t dead now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is killed in the next episode.

I recall that when he turned his back to the camera, we could see a bloody hole on his left shoulder.

All this is true. Nobody knows. It seems impossible that they would kill Daryl, but that ridiculous blood spray would be a lot of blood for a non-fatal wound.

That said (spoilered if you don’t watch Talking Dead, previews, or other “supplements”),

[spoiler]I’ve seen pictures, and I think a “making of <something this season>” on Talking Dead in the last week or two that had Daryl/Norman on-set with short hair. We haven’t seen him yet this season with short hair…

Calling it right now, Dwight shot Daryl’s hair off, and the splatter was the accumulated blood and gunk that made Daryl’s hair so nasty!

Or maybe for some reason they cut in a shot from a previous season; but I thought it was kind of odd. Does anyone else know what segment I might be talking about, or did I imagine something?[/spoiler]

When was this? I don’t recall him turning his back to the camera after the shot, and the camera was on his right shoulder anyway. I watched it nearly frame by frame to see if I could figure out what happened, and didn’t see any hole or indication at all of where that blood was supposed to be coming from (it did, indeed, come from somewhere below/off-screen).

It was after Rick & Morgan took off across the field. It looked like he was following them. I’ve already deleted the recording though, so I can’t go back to look. (Well, I could do On Demand but I’m supposed to be working.)

Daryl wasnt following Rick/Morgan that was a survivor of the Carol Gattlingpistolderringer attack.


Apologies. I misread the post and thought Mahaloth was still talking about the action that took place where Carol had been and where Rick and Morgan were.