The World's Best Men's Stick Deodorants

Gentlemen. I need your help.

For a while I have been using Right Guard Xtreme Sport, and well, maybe I’m just a sweaty, smelly guy, but let’s just say around . . . 4-5 hours in, it er . . fails?

I’ve been told that as you get older, men tend to get sweatier . . with that in mind, I need to change deodorants.

Any suggestions? I can’t use spray because it causes a rash.

Am I sharing too much?

Anyhow, any suggestions for a high quaility, long lasting STICK deodorant would be much appreciated!:smiley:

Try Mitchum. I started using it years ago, when Right Guard seemed to lose its effectiveness (and starting rotting out my shirt). In any case, it’s strong, doesn’t make me break out and has several scents (and an odorless) to choose from.

Arm & Hammer, made with baking soda. I favor “Classic Fresh” scent. The original formula was better than the new “enhanced deodorancy” version (ain’t that always the way?).

You might consider using a beard trimmer to remove most of your underarm hair. Makes it easier to wash thoroughly and somewhat less likely to retain undesired odor.

Seconding kunilou - Mitchum is without doubt the best, especially their unscented.

My wife likes Mennon Speed Stick on me.

Sorry but I can’t help you as I don’t use deodorant.:cool:

My fiancé uses Old Spice. All the sexy men do, it’s a fact.

I use Old Spice. Seriously! The deoderant, not the cologne.

Sometime late this year or early next, a revolutionary “biological antiperspirant” will hit the store shelves, promising a quantum leap in underarm protection. The difference promises to be night and day, and that’s not marketing B.S.

Vinnie, you do know that you should be using an antiperspirant, not a wimpy deodorant, and that for maximum effectiveness, it should be applied in the evening–about an hour after you bathe–so it can most effectively clog your underarm pores and prevent body odor.

Also, some people swear by a new product called “Body Mint.” Do a web search.

The super-powerful prescription anti-perspirants are about 4 times stronger than Mitchum, but they can be irritating. Do a web search for something like Odaban/Odoban.

I use Gillette ClearStick…it works for me. I’ve actually haven’t used anything else in the past 4 years I like it so much. I suposse that’s how it is with deodorant/anti-perspirant though, right?

Okay, Mitchum anti-perspirant.

Let me ask you this, is anti-perspirants are so much better than deodorants . . . .then why are there deodorants? And what is the difference really? Do anti-perspirants still emit a nice smell?

thanks, Vinnie

Deodorant tries it’s best to block the smell, but doesn’t do anything about the sweat. Anti-presperents stop the sweat, but don’t worry too much about the smell. The best thing you can do is buy a combination that takes care of both and leaves you dry and good smellling.

I tend to sweat a lot. I’ve used just about every brand of deoderant/anti-presperent possible. The only one that has ever worked with any degree of success in my entire life is Secret Sheer Dry Powder Soilid.

Yeah, it is girl stuff. It comes in a powder blue container. But it is all the same. All the “Ph balanced for a woman” stuff you hear is all spin.a

Tom’s Unscented.
Works great and doesn’t leave you smelling like glade.

Those salt cyrstal blocks work quite well too; they last a long time and have gotten much cheaper.

I use Old Spice High Endurance Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Gel Solid Fresh Scent. I tend to sweat a lot and get very hot. This stuff cools me down, keeps me dry, and my girl loves the smell.

We had a thread on this a month or so ago, but I suppose it got lost in the board crash.

The reason that people might choose just a deodorant are:
a) they’re allergic to the anti-perspirant chemicals
b) they’re concerned about putting those chemicals on their body
c) they don’t think it’s “natural” to block the sweat glands.

My husband falls under both category a and b, and he has asked me to quit using anti-perspirant. So I have. But I’m having a heck of a time finding a deodorant that works really well. I am using the Right Guard Xtreme at the moment, and it is the best so far. Almay, Speed Stick, the Crystal stick, and Tom’s of Maine don’t seem to work for me.

But I agree with those who say that as far as anti-perspirant goes, Mitchum is the best.

What Green Bean said, reasons b and c.
I use Mennen Speed Stick, Fresh scent and it works just fine.