The 'Would You Rather' Game

That’s right folks, it’s back! The weird, the wild, the wacky, ‘Would You Rather’ game!

Rules: A person describes two scenarios, and asks someone to pick one over the other. The person responding must give an explanation as to why they picked their choice. The scenarios must start with the phrase: ‘Would You Rather’. The person that picks a scenario, and describes why, then must lay out two more scenarios for the next person to pick. If two people respond at the same time the first post is active, and any post after that is null. Rinse and repeat.

For example:

Would You Rather…

Chew a golf ball sized wad of tin foil for 12 hours straight


Drink a 12 oz. cup of tobacco juice?
Got it? Ok good, here we go. :slight_smile:
Would You Rather…

**Be boiled alive


Hung, drawn, and quartered?** *

  • Keeping in mind that when they take you off the scaffold, you are not dead. Yes, this is the way they really did it.

Boiled alive. Probably faster, and I really don’t like sharp pointy things.

Alright: would you rather be eaten alive by predatory beetles, or slowly lowered into a vat of molten copper?

The copper one.

Would you rather have sex with Strom Thurmond or have sex with Robert Byrd?

Strom. I prefer my dinosaurs fossilized.

Would you rather drive blindfolded down a deserted mountain road with impressive vertical dropoffs and no guard rails, or drive blindfolded in the center lane of Interstate 75 at 6 PM?

I’d rather drive blindfolded in the center lane of Interstate 75 at 6 PM. Probably less of a chance of a scary cliff-drop death. Sure, slamming into other cars would be bad too, but it seems like the lesser of the two evils.

Would you rather:

Continue getting skinnier until you cease to exist


Continue getting fatter until you cease to exist [die]?

Continue getting skinnier. If the end is inevitable, I’d rather it came quickly.

Would you rather:
Directly confront whatever you fear most (i.e. heights, snakes, public speaking)


Watch someone you love confront the thing they fear most?

Directly confrong whatever I fear most. If it terrifies me, why would I want to watch someone I love go through such a terrible thing? (Unless it’s killing a spider. Dad’s always handled those growing up).

Would you rather:
Eat a burning piece of coal


Swallow a rat whole

It would have to be the coal - I don’t think my mouth’s big enough for the rat!!

Would you rather:

have lots of sex but no love


love once in your life but never again?

I’d say love once, as long as it’s reciprocated. (Well at least once anyway.)

Would you rather…

Dive into a waterless swimming pool


Dive into a waterfilled swimming pool infested with alligators and sharks?

Sharks and alligators.

I can swim and jump out really, REALLY fast when I have to.

Flossing my teeth with a chainsaw
Having a sulfuric acid enema

The enema. I’ve eaten enough buffalo wings in my day that it wont bother me.

Would you rather:

Be sexually violated by a bottlenose dolphin
watch your grandparents have sex

I think I would definitely rather floss your teeth with a chainsaw. :slight_smile:

Would you rather…

Spend a year trapped in a room with the most boring man on the planet
Watch every episode of teletubbies ever shown in one sitting (being forced to pay attention - no nodding off)

Argh. Shah Jehan’s post wasn’t there when I clicked preview.

I think I’d prefer the dolphin. Necrophilia creeps me out.

Most boring man on the planet.

Would you rather engage in a 3-way with Janet Reno & the Rev. Al Sharpton, or groom Robin William’s back hair with your tongue?

I’ll take the sex…hell, I can close my eyes…I’ve had practice.

Would you rather stick your tongue into Rosie O’Donell’s dirty bathwater, or occupy a bathroom stall next to lieu after he’s had a big ol’ bowl of chili?

The bathroom stall, because I can leave.

Would you rather be sodomized by the entire LAPD, or be sodomized by the entire NYPD?

The NYPD, only because I wouldn’t have to travel across the country for the privilege.

Would you rather have your body trapped underneath a heavy object for several hours or your head stuck in a place where you could breathe but couldn’t see anything and couldn’t get out without help?


O my god, there is some funny stuff out there! Sexually violated by a bottlenose dolphin!? Grooming Robin Williams back hair with your tongue!? A 3-Way with Janet Reno and Al Sharpton!? LMAO!

Since I couldnt be sure that help would arrive, I would have to go with having my body trapped under a heavy object for several hours.

Would You Rather…

Watch Barney & Friends for 24 hours straight


Watch Telletubbies for 24 hours straight

Telletubbies definately. I think I’d put my foot through the TV before the 12 hour mark if it was Barney.

Would you rather make a 10 mile car journey through the city stark naked (no tinted windows allowed), or have a small picture of a bat tattooed just above your left buttock.

Although it would be tempting to show everyone my bat butt, I’d have to go with the exhibitionist car drive.

Would you rather discover that Jm J. Bullock is your long lost brother, or would you rather find out that Bea Arthur is really your birth mother?