There is a man sleeping on my couch.

He asked if he could use my wireless network.

Then one day I came home and found a desktop computer set up on the dinner table.

He hasn’t left since.

I think he moved in when I wasn’t looking.

He seems to like my cooking.

Dead or alive?

Definitely alive. He occasionally goes outside to smoke a cigarette.

I think I’ve been duped, as he apparently wanted the connection to play WoW.

I may just have to start charging rent.

Are you sure it’s not just you, only a different personality?

Well, if it is another personality, I’ve got a truck now.

Also, I’ve changed gender and race.

Do you have a male S.O.? Does Internet Man look anything like your S.O.?

Beware the Pod People!

I’m pretty sure I don’t have an SO, though I suppose I could have gotten one when I wasn’t looking.

You’re sure you’re in the right house? Perhaps you have some…um…pharmacological tendencies that would affect your memory and/or direction-sense.

I’m just sayin’…

You get custody of a son at some point in the immediate past? A nephew swing 'round for the holidays a bunch of weeks early?

Sounds like a boyfriend to me. Congratulations!

Is that like that piano that just showed up at someone’s house? Whatever happened with that deal?

Anyway, congrats, if you want him there.

Best of luck for your safety and sanity if you don’t.

Is he at least decorative? If not, I say out to the recycle with him.

Could also be a Presidential campaign staffer. McCain or Obama, it doesn’t matter - they’re all dirt-poor and desperate for broadband. I’d expect him to be using a laptop if that were the case, though - these guys come from all over the country.

ETA: Though, hey, if he’s on the winning side, no reason you shouldn’t try to make him your boyfriend. Friends in high places, and all that…

Don’t boyfriends put out? Otherwise, what is the point? What the hell is he doing on your couch? I’d rather share my bed than my bandwidth, call me old-fashioned.

Oh, I think CaerieD could get some from him if she wanted.

I’m definitely in the right house.

Since I’m 27, I don’t think I could have an adult son.

He is rather decorative! I think he livens up the place a bit, when he’s moving.

Fairly certain he isn’t a campaign staffer, though he did laugh really hard at the latest Sarah Palin skit on SNL.

I’m rather confused about how I got him, really. He’s just sort of…there.

He does tidy up after himself and came with houseplants, though, so I guess I’ll keep him.

Oooh! Houseplants are even better than a decorative gent. Charge him rent in houseplants!

He did WHAT in your houseplants?

Oh wait, nvm…

Does this happen often in Wisconsin? Is this a new boyfriend or not? The suspense is killing me :mad:

I don’t think it happens often, but I honestly don’t know.

There’s nothing romantic going on, though. He just asked to use the Internet one day, and then moved in his desktop computer and started camping out. He’s brought houseplants and movies. It’s all very strange, but he’s pleasant.

If I was still in college, I’d say he’s “crashing” here, but he has money and isn’t getting drunk, so I don’t know what to make of it. I guess he just likes my house.

He’s good company, but…it’s just very odd.