They found it!

These guys, just called to tell me they found a copy of an out-of-print book, The Big Damn Book of Sheer Manliness, I’ve been seeking for almost six months. I couldn’t be happier.

My fiance’s dad has that book. It’s a hoot.

Congratulations, you manliest of men, you.

Man, I know the feeling. I have been looking for a copy of Tom Shippey’s Road to Middle Earth for eons. I tried ordering it from every online bookstore for the past two years. My girlfriend, when trawling the web one day, randomly ordered it from Amazon. I said yeah right, like this book is gonna come in. Two weeks later, I’m reading it on the train.


<laughs> I looked at the blurb about it on amazon. Sounds like a cool book! Anything with a picture of a B-17 and a can of WD40 is awesome indeed. I want one!


Uncle, why didn’t you ask? I’ve had that for quite some time now. Seriously.


No offense, Esprix, but I think you’d be about the last guy I’d expect to have this particular volume. I find it interesting that two people here have posted already to the effect that they have a copy and the sonofabitch is out-of-print. Strange.

UncleBeer, it’s not nice to get one’s hopes up and then dash them so unexpectedly. With the exclamation, “They found it!”, I thought you meant “IT”. “IT”, as in the big “It”, but bigger, and larger still than the little “it”, however, smaller than the big “IT” is simply the “IT” for which I’ve been searching. Unfortunately, in my state of eager anticipation, I misread and found “it” simply meant “it.”

Yeah, well. We’re still lookin’ for the missing link. I’ll keep you posted on that search.


I’ve read your posts. You don’t need the book. 'Nuf said.

Trade, my friend, I gotta disagree with you. The book is absolutely required. Ask someone to tell you about the “Guy Stuff” thread from about 6 months ago. Unfortunately, I can’t link you to it right now; It’s buried in the old UBB archives which are currently unavailable.

Thank the gods…

Hhmmmmm, UncleBeer shies away from manly image. Or do I misunderstand?? Lesee if I can find that thread…

::digging into archives::

Absolutely hilarious brilliant book. And I’m surprised that some STRAIGHT guy wants a copy, in fact. It’s sooo. . .manly, in a kind of Tom of Finland sort of way. I can’t imagine that it’s too hard to find… have you tried Powell’s Books out of Portland? I feel like I’ve seen it there fairly recently.

Glad you got the book, Unc. I’ll have to check it out.

I’ve done that once - there was a book I knew of and kept an eye out for (The Liberators - Victor Suvorov). It was out of print and after a couple of years I finally got some 'net finders on it. They found it! Two days later I had it in hand. I’m sure you can guess what I found at Half-Price Books the following weekend.

In that case, could you just return the signed copy I sent to you? I just dropped it in the mail yesterday.
mangeorge (Yeah, sure you did.)

Let me share some other places that sometimes have good results with used books:

Well, hmmmm. Did they run out of books on opaque manliness, or is that not in style anymore?

UncleBeer, we had it at my bookstore pretty recently. It was on remainders, cost about $5.

Oh, I miss the Guy Stuff thread. :slight_smile: Of course, you could smell the thread all the way over in ATMB - if we ever do something like that again showers MUST be installed first :wink:

I’m glad you found your book Uncle Beer. I hope you enjoy it.

Weird how the people who bought the BDBofSM also bought Harry Potter books…