Thing Fish was right and I was wrong

Some weeks ago, Thing Fish and I made a wager. I lost and he won. I suppose I could do this over PM, but I suspect he, and many of you, will enjoy this more if it’s a public thread. I expect a good bit of ribbing, probably not all of it good-natured, and that’s fine. I only ask that you abide by the rules of this forum and avoid getting this thread moved to the Pit (because I’d bow out of it at that point). Perhaps some thoughtful members can even help us with some suggestions on refining the details.

Here is the essence of the wager:

I don’t have an exact figure on how many votes the House Dems got, and I understand they may still be counting a few votes. I’m willing to wait as long as Thing Fish wants for them to finish up counting, and am open to hearing suggestions from him or others on what we should use as the tally. I don’t think it’s terribly practical to have to dig up 50 states’ official websites, but I’m not sure who has a good, reliable total.

Also, Thing Fish, where’s the money going? The only stipulation we had was it has to be a tax-deductible charity. What’s your choice? And, while verification wasn’t part of the official wager, if there’s some mechanism you can think of that protects my PII but gives you confidence the donation actually happened, I’m open to hearing your suggestions on the matter as well and will try to make reasonable accommodations.

Let the fun begin.

Thanks for coming back and posting this. Nice job!

This may be helpful:

I hope it’s to Planned Parenthood.

According to this article:

So looks like you’re going to pony up $50. Good on you for being a good sport about this.

If I were Thing Fish, I’d choose a non-political charity such as the Red Cross, but it’d be funny if he chose something like Save the Whales.

The ACLU seems like it would be a good choice of non-profit. I mean, who doesn’t like civil liberties?

That article is 8 days old, and looks much lower than awldune’s spreadsheet.

If we are all offering up suggestions, I suggest VoteRiders.

They help people get IDs so they can vote.

The spreadsheet I posted is from David Wasserman’s twitter, BTW

Victims of the OK city bombing relief fund.

I don’t like being wrong but I pride myself owning up to it when I am. CYA is the biggest time waster in American society.

Sorry, it’s been a busy month, I’m back now! CNN, quoting Cook Political Report, has the total at 59 million plus, so that’s a nice $130. Still accepting suggestions for the designated charity. ACLU and PP are both good ideas. Also considering Equality Utah, a group which advocates for LGBT folks in HD’s home State, where it certainly seems they can use all the help they can get.

Anyone have any ideas for how HD can prove the donation was made while still protecting his personal information? Maybe we could identify a mutually trusted Doper to act as middleperson?

As much as I’d love HD to give to Planned Parenthood, that feels a little too much like rubbing it in to me. The ACLU and Equality Utah are both good choices.

If it were me verifying payment, I’d be OK with a scanned copy of the thank you letters with his name blacked out. But I’m a trusting guy. If you want to go the route of trusted middleperson, I’d nominate Bricker or Bone if they are willing.

He can provide either your email or physical address (I’d use a work or neutral one so no one has a way to hassle you should they want to) when he makes the donation; the organization will send you a note telling you it was made in your name.
Planned Parenthood of Utah would be a perfect recipient, they’ve been under attack by the Utah legislature/Mormon legislative lobby for several years.

Thank you for posting this thread.
Now I have an example to follow if it ever turns out that I am wrong.

Good on you for paying up, Hurricane Ditka. And well done, Thing Fish!!!

As for proof, one possibility might utilize the opportunity to donate in someone else’s name (although not all charities offer this, many do). If HD donates and does so in Thing Fish’s (real) name, most likely TF will be sent a donation notification by the nonprofit.

Me, I’d go for something consistently liberal/progressive in nature. ACLU can be a double-edged sword, which I do admire, but since I’m vindictive as hell, it isn’t craw-sticky enough for what I’d do were I the victor in this bet. :smiley: Some ideas:

  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State
  • Black Youth Project
  • Center for American Progress
  • Common Cause
  • Council on American Islamic Relations
  • EMILY’s List (supports pro-choice women candidates)
  • Fight for $15 (supports $15 minimum wage)
  • Media Matters for America
  • Move-on Civic Action (note: not tax-deductible; that shouldn’t matter IMHO)
  • National Immigration Law Center
  • National Center for Transgender Equality
  • Progressive Policy Institute
    - Southern Poverty Law Center (this is the one that I’d choose)
  • Transgender Law Center

Just because HD tried to preempt the chicken suit and flying to Puerto Rico thing, are we just going to rule it out?

I admire this thread.

I don’t believe he specifically ruled out a cow suit. :wink:

For what it is worth, I know someone whose older sister was a volunteer for Equality Utah several years back, and according to her, most of those on the board of directors whold probably be happier with a couple of fat, uncut grams of quality Bolivian Marching Dust or some good, clean X.

Seriously, she said that when it came to (after-hours?) debauchery and illicit substance use, often using misdirected program funds, 90% of the people working there made Led Zepplin look like The Osmonds. She ended up quitting in disgust and started working for a Unitarian LGBQT outreach group.

That was a while back though, maybe they have cleaned up their act?