[Things] I WANT but totally don't need at all: ['74 Volkswagen bus]


This. I want it so bad, but I have no real practical reason for buying it. That and not enough disposable income to justify the purchase.

What do you guys want but totally don’t really need?

A Barrett M82A1

Desert Eagle .50AE

Bugatti Veyron

And I’ll take one of what you want, along with a Bug, a Thing and a Karmann Ghia. Different color, though.

I want a Korg Kaossilator





A new car of just about any make and model. Mine is embarrassing but it still works, so I can’t justify buying a new one quite yet.

I expanded the thread title to “[Things] I WANT but totally don’t need at all: ['74 Volkswagen bus]” from “I WANT but totally don’t need at all…” as a clarification.

Another Acoustic Guitar

Another Electric Guitar

Or this one

Oh what the heck, this one too

I want a long Australian vacation during their spring.

I wanted an older car, so I bought one. Quite similar to this.

Curiously, I happened to chat with a guy with a sharp looking Westie the other day when I drove my Corvair to the store. Older VWs are quite pricey. That Westphalia appears to be in pretty sweet condition.

A less pricey alternative to the VW would be a Corvair FC.

If I had known how inexpensive and fun it was going to be to drive a car like this, I would have done it a decade ago!

A Big Green Egg. And I’m buying one in the next few weeks.

I want a new couch. A microfiber one in Chocolate with built in recliners. there is absolutely nothing wrong with my current couch so I have been putting it off. i recently saved and got a new used 99 Saab 9-5 loaded. I drive much more then I use the couch. Still I want a new couch…:dubious:

I’d like an '87+ VW Doka. No need for it, no money to buy one, and no place to keep it.

Yeah, but it would be a blast to go on a road trip in a VW Bus.

Dude…that is one SWEET “Westie”…I say GO FOR IT!:smiley:

It would be great to take it to this!