Things I would rather be doing today.

It is an ABSOLUTELY gorgeous day outside. The temp right now is around 70, the sky is clear, the birds are singing.

So what am I doing? Sitting in my office, not much work to do, stuck here all day. Therefore, I figured I would map out my ‘would-be’ plans just to make myself feel better.

I’d rather be sitting in the canoe, reading a book, with a cooler full of iced tea and a full bottle of bug spray.

Or maybe gardening in my tiny yard, as I haven’t trimmed back the plants in a while.

Right now, I could be driving to Atlanta to see Z, my SO, who I haven’t seen since the second week of March. I’m going there Friday, but right now would be the perfect time to be on the road.

I could be opening up all my windows, airing out my house, and getting some spring cleaning done. (This would actually be a good/fun thing.) Of course, I would have to have the stereo cranked up to about a 7, since none of my neighbors are home right now.

I should be sitting on the beach, watching the seagulls zip around and thinking about how I am so glad I’m not at work.

I ought to be outside, having fun, basking in the sunshine at the park.
I would be laying on a blanket in Marion Square, ignoring the traffic, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, munching on some salt and vinegar chips, drinking Kool-Aid, and reading a trash novel.

I could be sitting at home, making mix-tapes and drinking a beer.

I should be slacking off at home, playing Tony Hawk, trying to beat my high score.

I ought to be taking my niece out in my parents’ backyard, playing with the bubbles and getting in the sandbox.

I would wait another 99 posts and throw myself a post party, but I think they’re kind of silly, so welcome to my 401st post. Better to be random than normal, I think.

Ha ha!
I just addressed this very issue in auntie em’s “Daunting Horoscope” thread!
I’ll repeat my answer in more detail here:
I would duck out of work right now, go grab a jumbo chili dog fro the “weenie dude” over on the MUSC campus, drive over to Hampton Park, walk around, get some sun, and feed those psycho aggressie ducks and geese what was left of my bun.
Then I’d go see a matinee of some silly movie myself.

btw- You gotta love an MST3K sig! I turn it on every Saturday morning! Did you see is this past weekend, when the 10 nubile dancers were stranded on a desert isle with giant bloodsucking spiders?

At least I can sit pretty and look at the window in my office. Neener, neener, neener! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, Atlanta.

It’s gorgeous here, too. I could be brown-bagging a pbrtallboy in the park. Burping at the roller bladers and watching dogfights. I could be shooting the breeze with my favorite home(less)boys and passing out on Oak Hill.

I could be strolling through midtown and jiving with the tranny hookers (“keeping busy, girls?”) and dodging dumpster divers desperate for change.

I could be at home pressing buttons and engaging in some extensive video game brutality. Or watching a movie and dustin off my best MST3K cracks.

I could be hanging out with your SO, Zed!

But alas, another day, another dollar. <sigh>

Curses! I wanted to have the first post!

No, wait, after reading about grilling burgers in another thread, I am going to have to scratch my previous answer and opt for going home, throwing some beef on the little charcoal grill, tending to my new little herb garden back there, and sitting out on the back deck with the dogs and a few magazines.
Sadly, though, this thread is not making me feel better. I’m actually plotting ways to get out of work early!
Have a great time in Atlanta this weekend!

Oh yeah? Well…well…uh… you snooze, you lose, buddy!

(yeah, best be careful when you’re tangling with the likes of me!)

Are you starting static? You wanna piece of me? Do ya? Huh? :wink:

You’re on! From now on, it’s a race to be the first to post in sKerri’s threads!

Hee hee, sidle. I’m stuck at MUSC. We should do lunch one day when we both duck out! Where is the hotdog guy? Not the one in the cafeteria, I hope! :eek: I grilled burgers last night, while standing on my friend’s dock and fighting mosquitos. Itchy but yummy!

pbr, give the hookers my best! :smiley: Maybe this weekend we can go shoot them with waterguns. That is, if Zed’s mom doesn’t decide to drag me to the botanical gardens like she’s been suggesting.

That reminds me, when it snowed here, a group of us decided to “take back the night” by starting a snowball fight with the fierce trannies that work the corner of 4th and Myrtle. Unfortunately, the ladies took a snow day and were nowhere to be found. Shucky darns, eh? :frowning:

Is it fair to pick a watergun fight with unarmed prostitutes?

Is it go time? Mess wit da bull, you get da horns, knowwhatI’msayin?

Really? Yup-you’re right down the street! I’m stuck over at the Post and Courier, where we have no windows! :eek:
My darling SO works over there. He’s in financial counselling at Hollings. Name’s Charles. If you ever run into him, be sure to give him an extra hard time, OK? :smiley:
the weenie dude’s not there anymore?:frowning: He used to wheel his cart around the horseshoe area!
We should do lunch! That would be fun!
Speaking of doing something, have you heard from our mini-dope guest? I know he said sometime in April, but I’m afraid I may have missed an email. I have been spammed to be damed lately, causing me to mass delete most everything I don’t recognize…

Skerri if you going to describe going to the beach you could at least describe rubbing lotion all over your body.

If I’m going to stuck at work I’m going to imagin Skerri rubbing lotion all over her body, which is not all that dis-simular to what I’d be doing if I wasn’t at work only it would be lotion it would be Fresca.

Heck, I wanna just sit back and watch the fight over getting the first post!
I’d rather be home cleaning the house right now. Such a nice day, I’d like to have the windows and doors open, a nice breeze blowing through the house, and getting all the cat hair off the furniture. [It’s spring, and Her Most Royal Majesty Mudster is starting to shed. Very much so.]

And loud music on the stereo: Rite of Spring, The Last of the Mohicans, Henry V. Anything to keep me in the mood for cleaning.

Nothing more of an aphrodisiac for me than a clean house smelling of Pine-Sol, Pledge, and Windex. Mmmmmmm.

But I’m here at work. Anyone wanna clean my house for me? Guess I’ll have to pay for that feeling…

sidle, I think he ditched out on us. I recall a thread from this past weekend, I believe, where he said he was back from vacation. Oh well. We really need to plan a big ol’ DopeFest for South Carolina.

No, I don’t think so. We’ll have Super-Soakers, and they’ll probably have uzis hidden in their Wonder-Bras. Be prepared to run like hell.

Zebra, I don’t think rubbing Fresca on yourself is a good idea. Wouldn’t that make you all sticky? :wink:

All I want to do today is win the lottery jackpot.

Is that too much to ask? :wink:

Not for long.:cool: