This fall, A&E presents: The Straight Dope 2000, with your host...

William Shatner, performing singing interludes!

Okay Dopers… who do you think could be the WORST host for SD 2000 (SD 2000 is fictional)

My other nominees: Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldthwait, Andrew Dice Clay, Kathie Lee!

Don’t get my hopes up like that!

Anyway, worst host, Jerry Springer.

Wow. I thought it was real. Thanks a lot, MSK. :frowning:

My nominations (and I do believe this would fit in better in IMHO): Ricki Lake, Donny & Marie, Jenny Jones.

Chuck Woolery!

Chris Collinsworth. Tempestt Bledsoe. Susan Lucci. Oprah Winfrey.

Anyone given thought to Dennis Miller?

Add him to my list. “I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but…” Shut up!

Chuck Barris (remember “The Gong Show”? )
Jerry Lewis (all that hair grease–yuck)
Ronald Reagan (DUUUHHHH!) <evil, wicked grin!>

Rush Limbaugh

Good lord…even typing his name leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

the “receiver” in this thread

Pauly Shore

Gary Coleman (I heard he was looking for a job…)

Dennis Rodman

Marilyn vos Savant

Pat Robertson (or Jerry Falwell, or Billy Graham, or anyone else of that ilk)

Ann Landers and Dear Abby, cohosts

Regis Philbin, with or without a cohost

Anyone from Survivor, Real World, or any of those other “reality TV” shows.


Galagher (Hey, he could answer his own stupid questions!)

Paul Rubens (Pee Wee Herman)

Uri Geller

Mr. Bill and Gumby

I could probably go on and on…

Roseanne Barr – need I say more?

Maybe she will wear a blue wig.

I propose a new universal maxim: for any given television program, the worst theoretical host shall be Magic Johnson.

Chris Berman. (“We! Are! Fighting! Ignorance! Tonight! With Cecil-The-Diesel-Adams!”)

This summer’s troll. It’d go by a different name every episode.

Cher and she’ll be wearing only Cecil’s columns…they will all be smiling of course.

I suggest Tom Vu.

SilverFire, the next time you insult the deity of my choice, I will have no choice but to seek legal action against you. :smiley:

And as far as the worst host is concerned, we would have to find the most ignant mofo on Earth.

I nominate:
Dr. Laura
Me, at the age of 17
Silo, but only fully in character as Michael Masterson
This guy I work with. He’s a major Putz.

Art Bell