Thread and Topic Bans for Great Debates

…Thread Bans:
kevlaw Is there a non-bigoted reason to be anti-same-sex-marriage? see post 368 7-27-2021 {What Exit?}

DrDeth: Is 'Zoo Hypothesis' Mainstream?


Damuri Ajashi is forbidden from PE and GD until 5/15/20

John Stamos Left Ear, From Politics and Elections and Great Debates, until 3/9/20

Topic Bans:
Board wide Topic Ban for ZosterSandstorm on CRT. He is banned from posting about CRT. He has shown no improvement despite multiple warnings.

Username: Topic
YWTF is banned from Transgender threads, threads touching on Transgender issues and talking about J.K. Rowling. They have made a habit of derailing threads on Transgenderism. updated 2023-02-25

Crane is banned from Transgender threads. This is a board-wide ban.