Three Stooges Trailer Released

Reserving judgement. I have all the Stooges episodes (that I know of) recorded from AMC, and I watched the trailer. To me the actors seem dead-on, but I will watch it first and then comment.



I laughed, but I have my doubts about paying to see this movie. We’ve probably seen all the best part just in the trailer - stooges for two hours… I dunno…

It wasn’t quite as bad as I’d expected and was even a bit funny in places, but I don’t think I’ll be seeing it in theaters. Maybe I’ll rent it some day…

The other problem is that Janeane Garofalo is cuter than the Mona Lisa.

I didn’t entirely hate the trailer, but Farrelly Brothers humor just feels so dated to me now. And the stunt cameo at the end didn’t inspire confidence at all.

I like a Stooges short. But I’m not sure I can take a whole hour of it, much less however much longer it is going to be. The nun in the swim thong was worth the 10 bucks, however.

The trailer made me laugh, but I have my doubts about a 90 minute movie.

Sean Hayes blew through all that Will & Grace money in just 5 years?

The Curly was pretty good, the others not so much. There’s also something disorienting about watching the Stooges in color. I don’t see the point of the movie if all they will do is reenact old Stooge bits. I’ll watch it for free, but it’s nothing I’ll spend a penny on to watch.

I am by no means an Stooges expert but I thought that Moe was spot on and Curly was all kinds of amazing.

The movie itself I’m sure will be drab and probably less than it should be, but I am amazed at the actors jobs judging by this trailer.

Well, I liked it. Two hours of it might get old, but maybe not.

I liked the trailer, and the Farrelly brothers have a pretty good track record of finding my funny bone, so I’ll give it a shot.

Good points: they got the Stooges routines right. Bad points: the nuns.

The Stooges were funny not particularly because of what they did; they were funny because people thought they were funny. Think about it: Mechanically hitting someone over and over again to make other people laugh–and then they do.

I don’t understand the distinction.

I love the Stooges and am perplexed as to how someone came up with the idea of having a trio of contemporary actors step into those roles in a Blues Brothers knock-off.

That said, I didn’t hate the trailer nearly as much as I expected to. I will probably watch this and feel dirty afterwards. It can’t be any worse than Brain Donors - at least they are content with doing a disservice to the memory of one classic comedy troupe at a time, instead of doubling up on them.

I laughed at it.

It’s funny now for the same reason it was funny then: Guys getting hit on the head by hammers, poked in the eyes, doing stupid shit is funny and getting hurt is funny. It’s timeless. The Stooges are not “classic” in the sense Hemmingway or Bach or Van Gogh are. Those artists can’t be replicated. But slapstick? The Stooges? Come one. It’s not high-brow or untouchable or perfect or subtle or fine art or witty. It is what it is. Simple, low-brow, hilarious stuff.

Personally, I think one big problem with a Stooges pic is that the Stooges were ideal in short-form, 10 minute pieces. I’m not sure there’s enough there there, even if the original Stooges were in it, for a 90+ minute movie. I assume the Stooges did some sort of longer movies, but my recollection is dim – did they, and was it any good? (and was Shemp in it, which decidedly answers the “was it any good” question: no)

I laughed and I don’t even like the Stooges that much. Will Sasso’s pretty much a perfect Curly.

I laughed and was surprised by it. The trailer was very amusing. A 90 minute film? I have my doubts about how that will hold up.

I will say the casting seems spot on.

The actors clearly put a lot of effort into nailing the mannerisms of the originals. I thought they ALL did a bang-up job, and yeah, I had thought this was an idea on par with whatever Hollywood disaster you want to name. Larry’s delivery (WRT the headache, “Yeah, it’s coming on now.”) is dead on, and Moe’s laughing after poking Snookie in the eyes is perfect. Sasso did a really good job as Curly, and I actually thought he was the worst of the three.

No, they’re not the Stooges. The Stooges developed the characters, the routines, etc. No imitator is going to get the respect of the original - but these guys, from what I can tell in the trailer, are showing a lot of respect to the source material. It gives us a chance to see old friends again in an updated setting.

And Garafalo was the hot one in, “The Truth About Cats and Dogs.”, even though she seems like kind of a grouch IRL.