Three Stooges Trailer Released

I was opposed to this entire project from the start, but lord help me, I laughed at that trailer. Some deep, hearty belly-laughs too. And I do tend to like the Farrellys’ movies, so I might just have to swallow my indignation and see this.

Me too, I still have a smile.

We need a stooges smiley


Those people in the trailer aren’t the Three Stooges. They are actors pretending to be the Three Stooges.

The plot was actually stolen from The Three Stooges video game released in the late 80s. I realize that’s after The Blues Brothers, but now people can be angry that this is a video game movie too!

I wanted to hate it, but it did make me smile. I’m not sure how Depression-era vaudeville will play in a modern setting, but it’s not like their behavior was normal for the 30s and 40s either.

What, no Shemp?! It’s an outrage, I tells ya.

Hate to break it to you but the Three Stooges were not the Three Stooges. They were actors pretending to be the Three Stooges.

This movie looks funny as hell and the actors portrayal of the characters mannerisms are spot on.

This is the first movie I am excited about seeing and actually willing to go to a theater to see. The last movie that I was willing to go to a theater to see was the Watchmen and that was over two years ago.

How can you not laugh at Snooki getting an eye-poke from Moe?

But there are only three (awright 7) actors who can portray the Three Stooges and they’re all dead.

We’re not talking about Batman or Fred Flintstone or Tarzan here. Larry Fine and the Howards (and the others) were THE Three Stooges.

This movie reminds me of bands that tour around and have the name of an old hit-making band but none of the original members.

Who cares? It looks funny.

. . .that might be the worst trailer I’ve ever seen.

One strength of the stooges was that when someone left the act for whatever reason, they didn’t bring in a new actor to play the same character. They created a new character around the new actor to take the old character’s place in the pecking order. (Or is that poking order?) I would feel much better about the movie if they called them Chris, Sean, and Sassy or something similar and let them bring out their own inner numbskulls.

The answer is yes, they did some longer form movies, not with Curly, nor Shemp, nor Joe Besser, but with Curly Joe DeRita.

If you think Shemp shorts are uniformly bad, I hope you live a good life, because there are Joe Besser shorts waiting for you in hell.

To the people that think nobody can replace the original Stooges - c’mon.

Seriously. They replaced members themselves, and they used lots of ‘borrowed’ material. There’s *nothing *sacrosanct here to protect. They were mainsteam, popular, and there’s plenty of bad and sloppy stuff in their output. They went for every easy joke and never pretended they were doing something inimitable.

They did have some cameos in feature films, some with Shemp as the third stooge, and some with Curly.

Rockin’ In the Rockies (1945 / 67 minutes) stars Moe in one of the lead roles with Larry and Curly as supporting actors. It’s not a traditional Stooge feature, as Moe plays a more-or-less responsible ranch hand with Larry and Curly in more traditional goof-off roles.

Gold Raiders (1951/ 55 minutes) gave the Stooges (Moe, Larry, and Shemp) equal billing with George O’Brien and they shared roughly equal screen time with him.

And I enjoyed Around The World In A Daze and The Three Stooges Meet Hercules.

And I enjoyed Around The World In A Daze and The Three Stooges Meet Hercules.
Oh, and The Three Stooges In Orbit.

Has the Vatican signed off on this one yet? :wink:


I wanted add that I love The Stooges, even now. It was one of the few times my Dad and I sat down together and enjoyed a laugh or two.

The additonal times were:

  1. The drum duels during which he whupped my ass every time while drinking Jack Daniels.

  2. Live Atlanta Rasslin’ (that’s what he called it)

  3. And watching the Atlanta Crackers on our black and white tv.

Besides where else could you laugh about someone about to saw into someone else’s head? :slight_smile:



If they got the mannerisms correct, then the old stooges weren’t funny either. Because every single bit of it felt like a modern comedy where everyone is running around trying to be funny, rather than their character inherently being funny. People who look like they are trying too hard aren’t funny, except in an ironic fashion. It looks to me like something I would expect out of amateurs–perhaps even children. The timing is off, even in a trailer where’s it’s easy to edit things so that they hit. And the jokes are those things old people tell and laugh their heads off about while everyone just stares at them.

I wish I could explain this more. But I guess I can just sum it up in a short sentence: I just don’t get it.

Big T, you’re not alone. In fact I know one person in my household who just can’t stand them (nor will she read Stephen King novels).

But I think that for the times (the Depression), they did their best to make those folks laugh, and I guess they must have taken their minds off that horrible time for 10-15 minutes at a time.