Tiny tiny things that shouldn't piss you off, but do.

The way, when selecting text, the selection ignores the location of the mouse cursor when you get to the end of a word or you are selecting non-alphanumeric characters, and makes a guess “Oh he must WANT to select that ‘[’ even though he isn’t actually trying to. I’ll select it for him”

Sometimes, hearing people eat. Or breathe. Honestly. And yes - I know I am leaving myself open for jokes. It just annoys me sometimes.

Jeezopete. Mouth noises on podcasts. I cannot STAND to hear people swallow. It just makes me crazy.

Our office allows eating in the office so sometimes I am subjected to the open-mouth nom nom nom of a colleague. And I don’t mind breathing (it’s soothing to hear sometimes) but when someone with a cluttered nose breathes nasaly so that it whistles - I am driven up the wall. For og sake, clear your nose!

Totally with you on that one, bro. What cockbucket designed that bullshit?

I’ve been known to resent sunshine, ferchristsake, so no worries about the above.

Humming. Whistling. Unless I’m doing it, shut up already!

coughing or sneezing in great quantities. I’ll say “bless you” twice–then you are on your own. Coughing–I just want you away from me. <glares at world in general>

Why do you set the damn clock seven minutes ahead? You’re fooling no one, not even yourself. JUST SET IT TO THE RIGHT TIME!!

I certainly agree, except for that part about “shouldn’t piss you off” - I think designing software that consistently overrides the actions of the user is well calculated to cause outrage.

  1. overly strong perfume
  2. people who don’t acknowledge that two lanes are merging into one and scoot past all us civilized folk and go up as far as they can to merge because, of course, their time is much more valuable than every one else’s

Come to think of it, these probably don’t qualify, because I have every right to be pissed off at them. Especially the rude drivers. It’s a good thing me car isn’t equipped with a rocket launcher. Yet.

I hate, hate, hate that. I sometimes deliberately make my Volvo straddle the breakdown lane and the merging lane, just to thwart these assholes. People are stupid.

Oooh! I hate it when people straddle the breakdown lane. Don’t you know who I am?

I hate when people even call it the breakdown lane. What the hell is that?

Mouthbreathers piss me off. Shut your fucking mouth when you are walking around. You look like a fucking dumbass. And if you get in line behind me I will slit your throat.

I regularly mutter “goddamn daystar” when I’m outside and it’s not very cloudy. Of course, having very large pupils, it’s actually painful for me to be outside if there aren’t many clouds, until my eyes adjust (slowly).

God I hate mouth noises. You know how some people make a tiny smacking noise every time they open their mouths to speak? They must all be re-educated.

Related to this is the mouse pointer that seems to have some Mexican jumping bean or flea in its heritage. My mouse seems to jump at will from one window to another, or from place to place in a given window. I’m currently taking a course in C# programming, and more than once I’ve typed or deleted something that turned out to be the wrong place, and screwed up my delimiters.

Just because something is “natural” doesn’t make it good for you. Arsenic is as natural as all get out, not so good for you. Take your fucking Bee’s Pollen and shark cartilage and St-John’s-whatever-the-hell-else all you want, I don’t need to hear a sermon about it.

Do you have a wireless mouse or keyboard? My wireless keyboard seems to cause that effect on my mouse.

I shouldn’t care if people show up late for a movie, say, 10-15 minutes in. Why should I care if they missed important plot points or character set-ups? Even if they don’t disturb anyone it just irks me. I guess I feel that they are disrespecting the director or something.

People who chew gum with their mouths open, especially if they’re cracking it.

Damn, I hate that! I thought my computer was the only one that did that. I’m not sure it’s good to know that it isn’t.