Today's Penis Thread -- Now with More Pit-Bull

Another poor fella adds to the “keep your genitalia away from” list.

[Pink Floyd]

Hey, pit bull, leave that dick alone!

All we know is Fido has another set of balls.

[/Pink Floyd]

What, in New Mexico they use genitals instead of a Driver’s License?

With a knick-knack paddywhack,
Slip the dog a bone…

Now I gots no dick to call my own…

“When police arrived, the man woke up and started running away from the officers. They had to take him into custody so he could get treatment.”

‘It’s only a scratch.’
‘a scratch? your genitals are off!’
‘no they aren’t.’
‘well, what’s that then?’
‘I’ve had worse.’

And people wonder why I am against bestiality. Maybe now you’ll all understand. Well, the guys, anyway. :wink:

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a reproductive organ. :eek:

I wonder if that guy is Mr. Joyner from Chicago.

You say that as if it’s a bad thing. :smiley:

I read this on Yahoo this morning, over coffee…

My first thought was “Well, then, he shouldn’t have smeared liverwurst all over his junk!”

The best sentance in the wire story:

Hell, what they do instead of taking your fingerprints… all I can say is, it makes me cough.

Is losing body parts to animals some sort of wierd trend in Albuquerque? Last May a guy went to the Rio Grande Zoo out here and tried to pet his buddy the jaguar. He left the zoo missing a finger.

From the article:

What kind of sick world are we living in, when an innocent man can’t simply go around naked in a public park without the fear of being attacked by a dangerous dog?

And the other question: the article keeps saying that the dog had bitten off the guy’s “genitals.” Not just penis, but the whole set. I wonder, was it all in one gulp?

Heh. It was the naked guy’s own dog:

“Do I look like a pussy to you?”