Token White Guy: A SDMB Welcome

Is your cock so fucking small that you have to pollute this board with your self-righteous, unsupported ranting to make yourself feel like a real man? Is your soon to be short lived user name some sort of feeble stab at masked racism, or are you too fucking stupid to have seen that? Your vitriolic vomit in the thinly veiled guise of debate makes the most right-wing members of this community blush. Get the fuck out of here.

Seems he’s been banned, so you’re problems are over.

Damn! It got itself banned in the midst of posting :smack:

Things happen fast around here.

Sanctions ARE an effective means of containment.
The Reeder rule WORKS!

:confused: I don’t know why you say hello. I say goodbye.

White Toke’s over the line
Sweet Jesus…
White Toke’s over the line

Where do they come from, I wonder? Seems like every once in a while, some totally obnoxious Rightard saunters in and drops some steamers for a while, and then poof! gone. Always the usual crap, always something like “well, ok, now you shit-wit liberals can pile on”, its almost scripted. Is there some creepezoid blog site that directs them here, or is it that the fame of the SDMB has spread so far?

Whazza deal?

White Toke,
in a golden cage,

The leaves blow,
Across the long black road.
To the darkened skies,
in its rage

But the White Toke just sits in his cage,

(Man, was I ever happy to see him banned. Sheesh.)

I think it’s just a misconception stemming from becoming acclamated to the leftards who, after all, have taken up permanent residence. Their threads are everywhere — look for variations on Bush is a poopy head and talks funny.

They come from the Bush leagues.

Drag him out and shoot him. I’ll swear out the warrant later.

Right, because a liberal could never be that stupid.

Oh, wait.

There does seem to be an increase in appearances by Stupid Republicans(*) lately, particularly from the “Bush can do no wrong” subspecies. In addition to the dearly departed Token White Guy, we’ve got Clothahump, milroyj, ralph124c, and Shodan, all of whom would rather eat shards of glass before admitting George W. Bush could ever do anything wrong. Heck, even normally semi-sensible guys like Sam Stone are starting to turn into full-throttle raving nutters.

I suppose when you’re committed to defending a President and an Administration as fucked up as the current one, the pressures will get to you sooner or later…

(* = As opposed to Smart Republicans, whose numbers are sadly dwindling)

No, I don’t mean the Usual Suspects, those we’ve come to know and…well, we’ve come to know. I mean the guys from out past the Oort Cloud, seems like very few weeks one of them jumps in, drops a turd in the punch bowl, and pretty soon thereafter gets Off the Bus.

Well Shodan always struck me as reasonably intelligent, although he does seem to be very flexible in his ability to perform gymnastics in his support of the current admin. But you left out Brutus.

I feel fairly sure that TWG was a shill of some sort, and apparently pretty inexperienced at it at that. Hell, even Brutus comes up with some better stuff than that!

I also left out Snakespirit and Mr. Moto, though admittedly Moto hasn’t completely teetered off the deep end yet.

There are too many of these guys to keep track of…

Un-stinking-belivable; Elucidator I was just going to post an Oort Cloud parabole (heh!) concerning the occasional appearance of one such… no, wait, “heavenly body” doesn´t fit; well, OK, you get the idea. So, get out of my mind already, would you? I need some free space in there.

He is your Nemesis. Either learn to cope with his periodic mass extinction events, or get out of the solar system. :wink:

As long as everyone tries to help them out, I’d like to see more of the fellas stop on by.
They’re just people too.

Remember, one day you were wayward once too. Or maybe you’re still wayward. Or maybe you going to be wayward.
Well whatever.
The point is that these poor shmoes really think that they gave a rip-roaring performance. They need to be coached on what the criteria for a solid debate are.

knowledge is not enough to wipe out ignorance.
Compassion is a valuable weapon as well in the fight against ignorance.

Or we could just coax them into paying the subscription fee first.