Too Good a Pun Not to Share

Letter to the Editor from today’s Providence Journal

For some reason I have to go get a cheesesteak right this very minute.


Man, why didn’t I think of that??

Good one!




Owwww… That is a bad one. (In a good way, of course.) Ug.

heads off, muttering to self

<< …I weigh twice as much as you, and I look good on the BBQ… >>

Why does this bring to mind the visual of sharpening one’s carving knife?

I have my A-1 Sauce ready, tho. . .

Somebody (I don’t know who) should be fined for that.
It was a great pun.

That was awful. If the definition of ‘a great pun’ is ‘a pretty damned horrible pun, and a bad joke besides’ then I guess this is a contender.

Otherwise, it is mindnumbingly awful.

[homer]mmmmm, sacred cattle-mmmmmmm[/homer]

::winces:: that was horrid bad euty dog no biscuit :smiley:

I still hink really great puns was in the early xanth series and the callahan books by spider robinson

Aughhh!!! :smiley:

Loved it.

Cows. I know the Masai aren’t really rich, but cows? Like an editorial I read on this commented, what would America do with 14 more of what we have millions of already?

Although if they make a drink out of cow’s blood and milk like the Masai on Survivor: Africa demonstrated, that would be interesting. The president probably wouldn’t like it…but that’s enough beating around the Bush. :slight_smile:

I’ve read better. One of my favourites was a headline in Time or Newsweek a few years back, over a review of the Burt Reynolds/Kathleen Turner film Switching Channels, a remake of the classic movie His Girl Friday, with the reporters shifted from a newspaper to a television station.

The title was WEAKENED UPDATE.

I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion the reporter deliberately panned the movie just so he/she could use that headline.