Top 6 @ 6 Week #4. Your Animals Faves AND Tori Amos Results From Week #3

Polling is closed. Thanks to all 15 who responded.

#1 Results from last week’s Tori Amos poll. This was the most diverse, and in my opinion surprising week. I’ve gotta give some of the choices another listen to & liked some of the doper liner notes.

Coming in at Numero Uno
Silent All These Years with 9 votes.

The runners up:[ul][li] 7 Votes: God [/li][li] 6 Votes: Cornflake Girl [/li][li] 6 Votes: Crucify (1 Vote specifies the single remix) [/li][li] 5 Votes: Winter[/li][li] 4 Votes: Caught A Lite Sneeze[/li][li] 4 Votes: Precious Things [/li][li] 3 Votes: Blood Roses [/li][li] 3 Votes: Happy Phantom [/li][li] 3 Votes: Hey, Jupiter [/li][li] 3 Votes: Leather [/li][li] 3 Votes: Northern Lad [/li][li] 2 Votes: China [/li][li] 2 Votes: Father Lucifer (1 Vote specifies the live version)[/li][li] 2 Votes: Beauty Queen / Horses [/li][li] 2 Votes: Icicle [/li][li] 2 Votes: Little Earthquakes [/li][li] 2 Votes: Me and a (not my) Gun [/li][li] 2 Votes: Past the Mission [/li][li] 2 Votes: Professional Widow (1 Vote specifies Armand van Helden’s remix) [/li][li] 2 Votes: Raspberry Swirl [/li][li] 2 Votes: Tear in Your Hand [/li][li] 2 Votes: Yes, Anastasia [/ul][/li]And 1 Each For:[ul][li] 1000 Oceans [/li][li] Baker Baker [/li][li] Black Dove[/li][li] Cloud on My Tongue[/li][li] Cooling[/li][li] Doughnut Song [/li][li] Here, In My Head [/li][li] i i e e e (From the Choirgirl Hotel)[/li][li] Jackie’s Strength [/li][li] Liquid Diamonds [/li][li] Marianne [/li][li] Mother [/li][li] Not the Red Baron [/li][li] Putting the Damage On[/li][li] Red Baron [/li][li] Smells Like Teen Spirit [/li][li] Strange Little Girl [/li][li] Sweet Dreams[/ul]A small aside: Tabulation was tougher this week. Elfkin & MattMCL had 7 votes but Cherry Blossom & Scout only had 5 net votes so I substituted their votes respectively.[/li]
Honorable mentions: VinRyk lost total control (or count) and stopped at 9 votes, the latter 3 ( Playboy Mommy, Marianne, Yes, Anastasia ) I didn’t include in the above tally.

#2 This weeks poll. The Last of the “A” bands: The Animals a.k.a. Eric Burdon & The Animals.
I’m not expecting all that many votes this week, they’re kind of forgotten about…I’ll be surprised if more than 6 people post.
Similar to the Allman’s and Aerosmith poll, you can pick solo choices, but refrain from picking War material. They’ll have their own thread if we ever make it to the W’s. As was said in Tori thread, if you feel we should cover another “A” band or two, say so…if not, next week will feature Bad Co.

On with the poll, here are my Animals picks:[ul]
[li]6. Sky Pilot[/li][li]5. Boom Boom[/li][li]4. House of the Rising Sun[/li][li]3. Winds of Change (No, I don’t drop acid)[/li][li]2. Monterey[/li][li]1. When I Was Young[/ul][/li]Thanks in advance for contributing!

6.House of the Rising Son
5.Story of Bo Diddley
4.Bury My Body(??? I dont have easy access to most of my animals music because its mostly on tape and LP so I hope I got this song right)
3.We Got to get out of this place
2.It’s my Life

  1. Boom Boom

The Animals along with the Yardbirds, while not getting the press of the “Big 3” (The Who, 'stones and Beattles), were at least their equal and probably would be remembered as well if they had been able to stay together(yes the Yardbirds kind of turned into Led Zeppelin).

I can’t remember all the songs by name

  1. Bury my Body
  2. House of the Rising Son
  3. We Got to Get Out of This Place

Beyond this I’d have to have the album, and I don’t know where it’s gone after so many moves.

  1. House of the Rising Sun
  2. When I was Young
  3. It’s My Life
  4. We Gotta Get Out of This Place
  5. Boom Boom (especiall comared to the lame, wimpy Yardbirds version)