Torgo what is your problem?

Here you call Barbara Stanwyck ‘a filthy whore’ for no apparent reason

In aha’s thread about cunnilingus you make some totally uncalled comments about how any woman who received cunnilingus from you would wake up with a size 7 poop chute

What the fuck is your problem? Is this supposed to be witty or what?

What the fuck is my problem? I’ll tell you what the fuck my problem is. My problem is inbred Aussie dung-bags such as yourself who wouldn’t know wit if it snuck up behind you and buggered you up the ass senseless. I would think that someone of your class and intelligence-you worthless pillock-would have better things to do than to fret about the misanthropic musings of an incredibly handsome and sexually potent manly man half a world away. For instance, shouldn’t you be out killing the dingoes? Oh wait, I forgot…those feral animals are probably the best chance you have of ever getting laid again. Tell you what, cupcake; take a few minutes, gather your thoughts, take that drunken sailor’s cock out of your toothless mouth and try not to be so uptight.

Torgo, would you care to explain the rather foul worded comment you made in my forum, MPSIMS? You ARE aware of our rules on obscenities, right?


Nice going Torgo, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.:slight_smile:

[sub] now thats witty[/sub]

And another thing, Torgo, isn’t wit suppose to be funny?

Just a little point Torgo. “Pillock” is gender specific so you can’t really call a woman a pillock.

But I’m sure a master of invective such as yourself doesn’t need any help from me.


Prima I think you’ve had your explanation.

There are some that there’s just no point in even trying with. Just be thankful he’s not part of your real life, I guess.

So, have you been watching Big Brother? What do you think?

Er, which foul worded comment? That’s like asking Mickey Mantle to explain a specific alcoholic blackout. In any case I’ll try contain my obscenities to the Pit, where they flourish like farts in a Greek restaurant.

Oh and CnoteChris, the answer to your query is no. Wit is not supposed to be funny. You defenestrating through a window on the 27th floor however is.

Redboos, no we’re pretty much skipped Big Brother. My 7 yo was hellbent on watching it and we’ve only got the one TV in the living room. Is it shite? It looked like shite. In any case I didn’t think that the 7 yo needed to watch it. Even if all the kids in his class were watching it :wink:

This one, to be precise. And make it snappy.

I didn’t get the poop-chute comment (or find that particularly funny–vagina-stink comments have always offended the hell out of me, for various sociological reasons the details of which I will blessedly spare you all), but I thought the Barbara Stanwyck comment, given the context, was a hoot.

Are you letting the stink of one assholish response taint other posts?

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a hovercraft sig.

You know Coldie, he has the wit, so it couldn’t be anything but snappy.:slight_smile:

I too thought the Barbara Stanwyck post was quite funny. I haven’t seen the other thread.


Oh sure you can. Just like you can call a man the “b” word that rhymes with “rich,” or the way young white men address each other with the “n” word that rhymes with “zigger.” Words are my crack-whores and I play with and abuse them as I wish so get off your dingo and join the party and stop behaving like such a pillock.


Thanks, that was definitely unpillockesque of you.

What a wanker. What a complete wanker.

It is now abundantly clear what Torgo’s problem is.

Well, Prima it’s definitely stupid, but it is also kind of rivetting. The participants are actually mostly interesting because these are young australians - the kind most of us know somehow. A few are unusually vocal and vulgar about sex and a couple are clearly game-players out to win. But most of them could be found at any student party or local pub, and are harmless and energetic.

However it’s not fit for unsupervised seven year old eyes. Too much adolescent-level Talking Big about Sex, and the Thurday night “adults only” hour was awful - salacious and depressingly sleazy.

But in a funny way I think it might be like Christmas - too hard for most of us to fight off. I mean Channel 10 are pushing it so hard, that it may be less effort just to let it wash over us all. I already know the names of most of the 12 participants (!!) , and I actually voted for one to be evicted - partly because I was so irritated by her behaviour, and partly because ooh - I get to be part of a National Movement!

Hope things are good up there. And regarding the OP? He may be funny but a bully is a bully.
Redboss, aboard a dingo, galloping across the outback, in St Kilda.

Y’know, Torgy, they’d probably feel it if your dick were bigger than two inches long, jackass.

I don’t see what the problem is. During my short time here, I have noticed that Prima can’t take ceratin jokes and I’ve also been subjected to her wrath over 1 joke I made. But hey, she has as much right to complain about Torgo as Torgo has to make the statement in the first place. More power to you, Torgo.

If I am prim and uptight, what does that make Coldy? :wink:

Redboss we are having a crisis here that they ditched Harry’s Practice to make way for the dreadful Popstars. have you watched that one? ::shudders::

I think I’ll jump on my kangaroo now and go and round up the horny dingoes…

  1. It always depends on the joke.

  2. Take note that several others agree with Prima.

  3. Torgo’s first post to this thread indicates a severe lack of temper control.