Torgo what is your problem?

I guess I’m in the ‘it’s not funny, it’s uncalled for and it’s in the wrong forum’ camp.
Not that anyone asked. Just thought I’d stand up and be counted.

Wow, Torgo. You kiss your Mom with that mouth? :smiley:

The very first episode of Popstars was good for a laugh, wasn’t it? They’re just getting worse and worse now - too many screaming children. :eek:

Ah, Torgo? Ignore him. He always gets like this when The Master is away.

[Australian version of reality show hijack continued]

The thing that gets me is that “Big Brother” is now doublespeak for prolefeed.

Potty mouth.

Hmm, saying that another poster jumping out of a window is funny, each to their own I suppose.

That’s funny ?

I’m getting old.

Ahh thanks for the explanation, I’ll write off to Oxford University press(publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary) in the greatest of haste, meanwhile treasure this,

Even to the extent of denying them their meaning it would seem.

Invective is so much more effective when used appropriately and sparingly, if you have problems remembering which particular piece of invective Coldy was referring to then, since you lost it in the noise you generate, perhaps you do it too much.

The Barbara Stanwyck comment took me a little by surprise until I remembered the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch, I dunno, it seemed so much funnier from them.

When someone calls you out in the pit it can feel very personal and I can imagine you were pretty pissed off but your reply was below your standards, having seen other stuff you have posted I think you sold yourself rather cheap.

C’mon have a go at me, I know you can show more imagination than that, try to use words with 4 letters or more, you do have enough fingers for this don’t you ?

My view, since you all asked so politely:

Torgo makes bizarre/rude comments (I personally didn’t understand them, and therefore was not offended). Primaflora opens a thread saying she thought it was inappropriate without sounding TOO attacking.

Torgo then replies in an extremely uncalled-for, obscene and offensive fashion.

My analysis: Torgo is a jerk.


casdave, that was me he wanted to toss out the window. I don’t think that’s funny one darn bit!

I don’t know…that’s kind of just Torgo’s sense of humor. It seems obvious that it’s a joke, especially when you consider this line (bolding mine):

Take away the insult and you’re left with him obviously poking fun at himself, which leads me to believe the whole post, and subsequent ones, are meant to be a joke.

I actually thought is was funny, especially the last sentence. I’d ask to use it as a sig, but I don’t think others would find it nearly as funny as I do.

I’d like to see what would happen if we could fix up Torgo and Amber Skye on a blind date. It could be SDMB’s own version of Chains of Love.


Sounds more like the “Blind Date” episode from Hell:D

I see Torgo has conveniently ignored my request for a clarification. Fine, be that way. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself unable to log on one morning, though.

Don’t piss off the moderators.

Such a simple rule, really.


Funny enough I didn’t think it was that amusing but I daresay others have a better sense of humour then myself, as I say - each to their own…


Is this thread the first time you noticed the post from Torgo, which you quoted above?

Alright, alright you sensuous hunk of man you. Here goes the clarification:

Good for you Esmerelda, that makes one of us. As for yours truly the price for descending into that hairy pit of malodorous wonders will result in the scabby whore waking up with a size 7 poop-chute (believe you me).
"Good for you Esmerelda…"

The Esmerelda thing was a nod to late 40s urban wisecracking. In those days, street toughs such as the Bowery Boys would sarcastically address hapless rubes as “Mary” or “Betty” as in “Keep movin’, Betty.” It’s funny.

"…hairy pit of malodorous wonders…"

I have no explanation for this.

"…scabby whore/poop chute."

“Scabby whore” is what my mother called me and the “size 7 poop chute” comes from an SNL sketch; it’s one of those “Sprockets” bits and they’re doing a Dating Game thing. One of the bachelorettes is a she-male named Susan (Phil Hartman) and she describes the perfect date as something to do with “forcing you to drink antifreeze until you pass out and you wake up with a size 7 poop-chute.” Funny bit.

There it is, sexy. Hey, speaking of size 7 poop-chutes, why don’t you give me a call sometime?

(Props to SueDuhnym for understanding my tortured soul)

With my tongue! YEAH!

And I still don’t understand what urban wise cracking, scabby whores and size seven poop chutes have to do with anything. Ah well…

I thought I had the non sequitor market cornered.

Torgo, expect your horse’s head to be lying next to you when you wake up tomorrow…

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Spoofe Bo (what’s it today?)-

How many times are you going to change your Goddamned name around here? I have a hard enough time around here as it is, but it pisses me off to no end to see people change names like they change their socks.

[completely back on topic, whatever it is]