Toronto Dopefest time?

It appears from this thread about Kythereia’s new job that there is interest in another Toronto Dopefest.

I see a lot of posters who appear to be in the Toronto area, so perhaps we can get even more people out than previous years!

Per dare_devil007_'s wail and Sunspace’s suggestion, I’m volunteering to host a Monty Python screening at my place. Perhaps Holy Grail or Life of Brian? It would be a backyard barbecue (weather permitting), as well. The downside, of course, is that I live in Brampton. GO Transit has buses on the weekends (Bramalea City Centre is the closest stop to me), although I’m sure we could arrange rides for a certain number of downtown folks.

Other suggestions? Alternates? Preferences? Complaints? Recommendations? And, most importantly, who’s interested??


I am interested, although my schedule as of late has been a bit nutty. Might a 2 year old fit into your backyard? If I brought her, it probably would be for the python, as well.

It would really depend on the date, so schedule away and I’ll let you know.

A two year old would indeed be welcome! Depending on the weekend, my ten year old sons might be present (as people at last summer’s Toronto Island Dopefest might remember, including Dr_Paprika who ended up having to discuss hemoglobin and blood sugar with them).

Brampton is fine: I know how to get there. I used to live in Kings Cross/Knightsbridge area just east of the City Centre when I was in second year at Sheridan.

Schedule away! I can make June weekends with notice; July would be better than June, and I’m going to be away in the second and third week of August.

I can bring my copy of And Now For Something Completely Different as well as all my Dr Who episodes. :slight_smile:

Maybe I can finally make one of these. Though, it doesn’t look good since I only have a few free weekends. Hopefully, it’ll be happening when I’m free.

Just how long are we planning this Dopefest to be?

I wonder how I’m going to explain to my parents what a Dopefest is.

Me: Mom, can I go to the Toronto Dopefest on (date) at (time)?

Mom: What’s a “dopefest”?

Me: Well you see, I’m part of this -

Dad: Isn’t “dope” a slang word for some sort of drug??

Me: Er, yes, but, it’s not like that. It’s -

Mom: And doesn’t “fest” mean “party”?

Me: Yes, but it’s not -

Parents: You’re grounded.


I’m out of commission all summer, so unfortunately I won’t be able to make what seems to be my annual drive to Toronto. :frowning:

dare_devil007_, no, no! Clearly, you just don’t understand parents. As a parent myself, let me tell you how it should be handled:

You: Mom, I wonder how I’m going to explain to my parents what a Dopefest is.

Me: Mom, can I go and meet a bunch of strangers I met on the Internet, many of whom are men your age?

Mom ascends through the roof of the house ballasitically

Doesn’t that make more sense? Do I know parents or what? :cool:

Eonwe, that’s disappointing – now Dr_Paprika and I won’t have any excuse to sit on my porch until 2AM drinking beer. :wink: Seriously, though, we’ll miss you. Perhaps we can talk you into a fall visit!


I managed to really screw that up with my c&p. :smack:

It should look like this:

It would be great if we could get more people than have indicated [luke warm] interest so far.

What about dates? Suggestions for promising weekends this summer?

Yeah, I might be up for something in the fall, but my fall’s kind of busy too… what’s there to do in TO in January? :slight_smile:

No posts in three weeks leads me to believe this is a dead issue. Would that be a safe bet?