Translation help please

Could anyone give me some help in translating the words “Kara Stuga”
These words are on an adopt a highway sign stating,
"The Family From Kara Stuga".

This is an example of kara stuga used in a sentence from a google search,

I have tried several different languages. No luck.


It’s Swedish, right?

Translating this page

into Swedish, gives you “Dear/beloved cottage”

Three words: Babelfish Firefox Addon. Awesome.

Presumably, you have it or you wouldn’t be saying how great it is. So, if it is so great, why don’t you use it to translate that phrase for the op instead of hyping it? Also, that was 4 words.

Isamu got it.
But I would like to add that it’s “kära” not “kara”, which is probably why you had such trouble finding a translation.

Phrase was already translated. Don’t be snippy.

Thanks I had done the Swedish translation but didn’t get it:smack:
I had asked several resident of that area what “kära Stuga” meant and they didn’t know. Now we will know the meaning but not the people’s:dubious: