Transposed Sounds

This may be the stupidest game I’ve ever come up with (and that’s saying something). It’s not even really a game. It may last only three turns before all the good ones are gone - I don’t know. Anyway, here it is:

Take a title or name, and transpose two or more of its sounds to create a new title or name that means something quite different.

Example: the original is a show about drug dealers, the new version is a show about cannibals and their encounter with one particular man.
Breaking Bad -> Baking Brad

Rules: It has to be obvious that the new version means something, even if WHAT that meaning is might be unclear.

Bad Example: The Simpsons -> Se Thimpsons
That’s all.

Walking Dead. Zombie apocolypse drama

Waltzing Ted. Australian Transgender soap opera

The Izzard of Was: a retrospective look at the life of comedian Eddie Izzard.

Sparkin’ Biters, on account of it tickles sometimes

The Nuns of Gavarone - The members of a convent save a small French town from destruction by a flood.

The difference between a rooster and a shyster lawyer is that the rooster clucks defiance…

Artisan of the Tapes - a mixmaster discovers political recordings that leads to monkey business

A Mew Good Fen - The marshy wetland that the Pokemon character comes from.

The Unminkable Solly Brown: no fur coats, for a man whose friends gave him a vaguely-Jewish-sounding nickname.

Worn to Be Biled: a “day in the life” drama about the surgical scrubs worn by the liver-transplant team.

Spied World of Warts - audience are some of the weirdest voyeurs ever.

Soy Tory
Margaret Thatcher’s secret life as a militant vegan.

Documentary tracing the last two decades of Republican politics and Donald Trump’s rise to power.

Linda’s Schist
A heroic woman hides neo-Nazis from roving Liberal death squads in the caves of rural Oregon.

Nein Kleine Achtmusic - the German version of Cage’s 4’33"

They Hoot Sources Don’t They? - An Op-Ed piece about the treatment of the news media by Trump administration

Tar’s Dreck

(These are the voyages of the Tar Ship “Stenter Prize”. I don’t know why they called it that, they just did. It’s dreck, like the title said.)

Some more science fiction:

Cheaply manufactured robots in an amusement park for poor people.

Giant extraterrestrial robots with alien kerning technology.

Max Echidna
Cute spiny robot Max becomes self aware and escapes testing facility.

O Ribit
Mechanical frogs violate the prime directive and run amok.

Buns Buggy
An animated jackrabbit’s adventures driving a bread delivery truck.

Bar stucks. The story of people on a binge of drink and internet games who can’t break away.

A Sale of Two Titties: The story of a discount cosmetic surgeon.

Fuckle hairy bin. It’s about…you don’t wanna know.

A Mission of Garity – Searching a high-gravity planet for a missing Irishman.

The Cry “Who Said?” – Medieval gossips take over an alien spaceship.

The Feckin’ Soundation – Concluding volume of the Soundation Trilogy.

Wing-rolled – Trip to a megastructure shaped like a wing.

Rye Obit – The death of agriculture (as we know it) explored in a series of, essentially, short stories told within a frame-story.