Trolls R Us redux [Now the argument clinic]

Toys R Us stuck around until 2017. It was the store I always wanted to go to that my parents absolutely hated (because it was very overpriced, I realize now)


Heh. His request is such quintessential sea lioning, I wondered if it was parody.

You can say that again, if you check the last quote were I replied to him, he insists on demonizing a quote I made about an Asian student, trying to give the false impression that I did not quote also other Asians scholars and teachers (and scholars and teachers of other races too).

Had a late breakfast… :slightly_smiling_face:

The funny thing here is that damuriajashi has claimed before that I ‘can be ignored easily’. Even on that he is a complete failure.

damuriajashi, if you think people are provoking you in GD, don’t take the bait. Just ignore them. Report if you think it approaches trolling or harassment. Use the ignore list if you have to, that’s why it exists.

For god’s sake, don’t jump into the Trolls R Us thread and start calling people racists. Dare your accusers to pit you in a separate topic, don’t hijack this one.


Not that you’ve ever really had any credibility before, but each utterance of “woke” or “echo chamber” plunges it deeper and deeper into the earth’s core. At this point, you’ve burst through the other side of the planet, and have left orbit.

It isn’t fair to just blame damuriajashi-After all, both sides do it.

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: good one!

Haha, that’s such a good burn because no one ever says “maybe leave the right wing blogosphere” or “maybe watch something other than FOX news”. So it’s totally not true that both sides do it.

Toys R Us still exists in Canada. Come visit (once you’re allowed in)

Uh, that’s the point. “Both sides do it” is something Damuri says, even though both sides are not the same.

If there’s any failure, it’s that we do actually sometimes tell people to check out news sources other than Fox/OANN/Breitbart/NewsMax.

jimmyjoeraybubbabob graces us with his august presence:

Of course he has zero affiliation with them, so his motives must be on the up-and-up!

Oh darn, 3 posts in and he’s already in a bit of a kerfluffle, so he’s likely not long for this board. Oh weel.

Do you mind? We’re trying to have a conversation about damuriajashi and (to a somewhat lesser extent) DemonTree here.

That one’s been ramping up the garbage for awhile now.


That alone should be enough. I am surprised that post hasn’t already wound up hidden due to too many reporters. I will now do what I can to change that (i.e. report it).

It’s already misogynistic garbage to talk about a politician’s pubic hair as if it’s important, but the “cloaca” bit makes it unambiguous trolling.

They should not be still around.

(And another lovely Discourse annoyance, requiring me to go back to the thread to actually quote the post. When I quoted @Skywatcher’s post, thought it made sense to turn that into a raw URL link that didn’t even get converted into a box.)

Remind me: is this something lissener did before? Following my policy* of not linking trolls so they find the thread and hijack it, I’ll just describe what happened.

Velocity made a thread asking if you can make a documentary that doesn’t mention the racism of a known racist figure would have to be racist. He wondered if a non-racist film has to call out racism. People mostly said yes, as long as the figure was known for being racist.

lissener came in and claimed that people regularly called films misogynist even though they depicted the misogynism as bad. I said I’d never seen that (as did other posters), and he doubled down on it. Another poster asked for evidence, and just linked films with misogyny in them. He never actually gave any evidence that people were okay with it. The same poster pointed that out, and lissener claimed it was up to other poster to find the evidence.

I explained why that wasn’t the case. That, since we don’t believe it happened, we can’t find any examples. He’s the one who claimed it, so he has to provide the examples, or the only possible conclusion is that it is not actually common, and he was mistaken.

He then argues I’m just being contrary, have no context for the topic at hand, and just made up a bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with the conversation he was having.

Only then did I start to have a familiar feeling, like he’d tried this nonsense before whenever people called him out on movie-related things.

It’s disingenuous arguing, of course, which is why I’m putting it in this thread. I loathe that tactic of making up stuff that didn’t happen. But does anyone who actually remembers the guy beyond his name remember if he pulled this trick often?

Heck, I seem to remember he may have been Warned or suspended over it.

I guess it’s what I get for kindly welcoming back a poster while daring to disagree with them.

*Didn’t bother with the previous post because someone had already linked it.

You can observe the two-step rule for links by placing backticks (`) around the URL. The backtick is also known as the grave accent and is usually found near the top-left of the keyboard.

For example, typing this:

I think **lissener** is trolling here: ``

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I think lissener is trolling here:

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Cool idea. I thought about using URL shorteners, but thought they might be against the rules, but I didn’t think of just having the URL in plain text. I even know how to do that without the code box:

And that is the correct post that put me over the edge. Though you really need to read all of his contributions to the thread get the whole picture.