Trolls R Us redux

How about, “You rape ‘em, we scrape’ em”?

Does that ping your troll detector any?

Seems to me, he’s more interested in creating his own opportunities to post what he thinks are clever and edgy abortion jokes. How droll!

He’ll burn out of he doesn’t pace himself posting these highly controversial ideas that he just can’t contain inside his ADHD brain.

Fair enough. I didn’t read the whole thread. I read the OP, which is what was quoted for this thread, and which was relatively unobjectionable. If someone wants to give an example of trolling, then quoting the actual trollish posts, or describing the actual trollish behavior, would probably be a good start.

You’ve been around long enough to get a feeling about posters. You know the type. They rush in all abuzz with a dozen hot topics they just can’t wait to dump on a whole new audience just so he can follow up with edgy, juvenile commentary, thinking anybody is going to be impressed or amused because what’s new to him must be new to everybody else.

His ban countdown clock has already started. Only a matter of time before he runs out of material and resorts to full on trollery.

Yup. I’d be shocked if razordance somehow turns into a reasonable poster with value-added contributions.


After I said that his posts are quickly revealing where he stood on the issue:

razordance also has his “why are the gayz associated with pink because it is straight guys who love them some pink” thread. And he got an (obvious) warning in CF in the Cuties thread.

I’m buying what you’re selling.

In this “What would a space battle look like right now?” which razordance started, he’s offered up gems like, “What if we used force fields” and “how about space marines?”

I should have known better but I do like to do a bit of performative outrage.

And now he has been banned for trolling.

Won’t be long until his reprise.

He opened a Puerto Rico Statehood thread in GD a couple days back. Those who know my record on the Board may have noticed I did not jump right in on the subject, and it was partly out of concern for how it would go with that source; also, partly out of a desire to see and hear what others think and say before showing up to lay down some unsolicited Puertorrosplaining. It looks like it turned into yet another Trump thread.

To misquote Lao Tzu, “The dumbass that trolls twice as hard stays here half as long.”

And now we’ll never know…

Absolutely. And having seen some of the other things this guy was saying, I’m perfectly happy to concede that he was a troll. But I’m not going to make that assumption about someone if all the evidence I’ve got is one quoted post that is, by itself, completely unobjectionable.

I find people generally wait until there’s an abundance of reason for suspicion and post the one that is the latest in the line. But by all means, do your own due diligence.

Ex-poster razordance tripped my trouble alarm from the git-go:

IOW, IMO he started as more of a “concern troll” than a flaming jerk. And he was smart enough to not be completely clueless or brain dead about his OPs. Any one of them in isolation would have been innocuous enough.

It looks to me like he started feeling his oats a bit too much and finally with the abortion thread let his inner jerkitude come shining out when his earlier efforts to sow arguing just resulted in our usual wall of sensible, full-length, if rather partisan, responses.

Either that or he finally had a posting session while wasted.

In any case, his banning is no loss for the rest of us.

New sighting: noted contrarian jiveturkey in the GQ thread about police bribery.

Check out the “Donald Trump, Tax Evader” thread and MrMrrmmrmrwhatever. There’s a cluster of posts, but Post 178 (if I’ve counted correctly) is one of the most sealionest things I’ve seen here in a while.

And now :drumroll: the latest entry in “Who Wants to Be a Sealion”:

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