Trolls R Us redux

How do you reckon it’s CarnalK? Not arguing, I just don’t see it, though I never took much notice of CarnalK anyhow.

I think that’s the key. If you didn’t notice him in the first place, it wouldn’t be obvious. If he was a constant presence in the threads you participated it, it was obvious fast and obvious often. Once it was obvious, then any additional “coincidences”, that would have been written off as just that by themselves, made it more certain. For instance, those of us participating heavily in the QZ saw several arguments that made it pretty obvious who we were dealing with. Once you are 95% certain, things like the below just push it over the edge.

So let’s say that you are positive that poster A and poster B are the same person due to a large number of interactions. Then you notice that poster A has a specific way of misspelling a phrase, such as using “whoop di doo” instead of the far more common “whoop de doo”, “whoop-de-doo”, or even “whoop-de-fucking-do”. Know who else uses that same rare mispelling? Poster B.

Open the search bar and paste:

#the-bbq-pit “Whoop di doo”

Again, not beyond coincidence, but when you are already pretty sure, things like that are just push you into certainty.

For me personally, I knew that FigNorton was CarnalK 3 days after he signed up. CarnalK, and only CarnalK had a huge issue with the fact that contact tracing apps based on the Apple/Google Framework used low energy Bluetooth (which is true, for energy saving and privacy reasons) and that that doesn’t measure distance very accurately (which is also true), but is instead more aptly stated as approximate proximity. Most people just didn’t care about the specifics very much or, like me, understood that triggering a “contact” when I’m spend a decent chunk of time around someone who is somewhere between 0 and 20 feet me works fine for this purpose. He couldn’t let it go. Three days after signing up, FigNorton posted:

I won’t download it. I am not trusting Bluetooth distance guesswork to decide whether I go to work tomorrow.

That and many subsequent posts, some location related, some age related, just kept adding up. Again, if I wasn’t a very frequent participant in QZ, I probably wouldn’t have made the connection.

Well, La-di-dah. :wink:

Seems reasonable, I just don’t have sufficient interactions to make that call. I just noticed that FigNorton had this certain aggressive way of challenging posts, often when he clearly had zero expertise on the subject, and it would likely get him banned. So I smashed the report button…

That was the funny part of the whole thing. Unlike his previous socks, the mods didn’t ban FigNorton for socking. He got banned because he just can’t seem to help himself and reverts back to the same CarnalK behaviors that got him banned in the first place.

He seems to love us and need us, for some reason, but he can’t seem to avoid tripping over his own feet.

It’s no wonder. Look at the size of those things!

Wow, I think he uses the same tanning product as our former president.


I think the third time I reported FigNorton for being needlessly aggressive, in the exact same manner as CarnalK, on the exact same topic as CarnalK, with the exact same opinion as CarnalK, I said something like this about his socking, “I’m not super concerned because if he keeps posting like CarnalK, he’ll get banned like CarnalK sooner or later.”

For what it’s worth, he socked it up over on the Giraffe Boards, too.

Okay, that’s a troll bridge too far! I mean, when he goes from making our lives worse, to picking on our little sister, that’s clobberin’ time!

(My little sister used to call out “Here comes a Troll Bridge!”, and mom would get out the change to throw in the “troll’s basket”… no I-Pass back in the '60s)

Funny you should mention this behavior.

This is what I said about one of his socks (RealityCheck71) back in July of 2020…


Something is really out there. (And by “Something”, I mean the new member by that name, and by “Something is really out there” I’m riffing off this TV miniseries/series title.)

No links to avoid inviting him here.

No kidding. Just check those posts for your daily dose of vitamin K

Something is perfectly fine. You just remember him being batshit crazy.

I like him. I hope we get to keep him.

Fine. As long as you walk him and scoop his litter box. Otherwise… :hammer:

Something in the way she knows
And all I have to do is think of her
Something in the things she shows me
I don’t want to leave her now
You know I believe and how

I shall call him George.

His three OPs are all very odd in different ways. I suspect someone who is just trying to be weird, not the real thing.