Trolls R Us redux

The problem that has NOT yet been solved is that this thread has lately been hijacked by our resident octopus. The stupid cephalopod should confine himself to the thread dedicated to him. But as the OP in that thread correctly states, “He trolls relentlessly until the entire thread is about him, then he whines about how mean people are, and won’t someone think of the children”. The truth of that statement has certainly been proven. We shouldn’t be enabling him in this thread.

Enabling who?

And yet here is the pit full of folks who love to start trouble with other posters and run to the mods when folks say stuff back. Sorry that this isn’t, yet, a 100% safe place for you unhinged bullies.

Here’s a recipe!

It’s understandable that you would want to believe that these are true. After all, if you frame all criticism of your and other right-wing arguments in terms of “They’re just saying that because of blatant partisan hatred”, it’s all a win for you. You get to:

  1. Call everyone a “hivemind”;
  2. Claim persecution; and
  3. Avoid all accountability for your own statements.

Pretty neat. And since you have much experience of simply repeating your preferred narratives over and over while ignoring or handwaving away all evidence to the contrary, it appears to be second nature now.

And when, because of this behavior, you get called a “disingenuous asshole”? Why, it’s time to trot out the “hivemind” accusations again. Because accountability for one’s actions is for other people. But I’m sorry - you were saying something about double standards?

It’s not paranoia when it’s true.

"They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.”

– Carl Sagan

aw, did you feewings get hurt?

Another clown with orange hair.

But Bozo was a funny clown, not an ironic scary clown like It or Trump.

So it’s true then… You’re a disingenuous asshole.

After a decade, I finally decided to talk about this.

When you folks have as much tolerance for dissent from zealotry and ideology as a Parisian head chopper I don’t think you have any room to talk.

Do Parisian head choppers exist?

It’s just easier to spell than guillotine.

Remember what I said about “simply repeating your preferred narratives over and over while ignoring or handwaving away all evidence to the contrary”?

You’re doing it again.

What you say:

What octopus reads:

You psychic now?

You’re probably confused because you read the exact same thing inside both quote tags.