Trolls R Us redux

Taking notes: don’t name sock Colirbi.


Colibri2 it is then!

Full disclosure. I made a sock Colibri2 during a board outage in 2016. But I banned that sumbitch as soon as we were back.

Banning myself was a bit surreal.


Awww. I liked that guy!

Well, I’ve been thinking that it might be easier to make friends if I wasn’t quite so invisible.

Maybe - if I find it, I’ll let you know.

Kind of reminds me of an episode in The Dick VanDyke show – dear god, fifty years ago – where Laura was hired to work in the Alan Brady writers’ department and it didn’t work out.

Laura: Well, if you don’t like my work I’m – I’m firing myself!

Rob: You can’t fire – I’m quitting you!