Tu-95 'Bear' for sale

Here’s something you don’t see every day. There’s a Tupolev Tu-95 ‘Bear’ for sale on eBay.

Nobody has made the $3 million opening bid.

Now, I’m a fan of ‘warbirds’; but this is getting ridiculous! Might be good for, say, the [del]Confederate[/del] Commemorative Air Force. They could rent it out to film productions and fly it in air shows. I can’t imagine anyone having it for personal use.

choices, choices.

this plane, that island in the Florida Keys or Dick Clark’s house.

I like this little blurb that got automatically added to the post by an insurance advertiser.

I would love to see the look on the guy’s face when you call him up and say “yes, how much to insure my Soviet bomber?”

I’d buy it, but I’m concerned about provenance. What if it’s hot?

Or what happens when some air force exercise stumbles across an inbound Tu-95 approaching US airspace.

What, you can’t afford them all?

::mutters:: Damned proletariat scum.

You’ll be the first to be lined up against the wall when the Revolution comes, you fascist pig.

Oh, the airplane? Want. Bad.
Money? No got. :frowning:

What’s the point of a “demilitarized” bomber? Any bomber I buy has to carry bombs. And guns. And missiles.

Ukraine just might want to hold onto it just a little while longer, in case they need it urgently for something.

'87? no thanks, I’m holding out for an '88 with a racing stripe.

Tell em its for rent, either for intercepts, or penetration raids into conus


32 prop tip creating continuous sonic booms.

The radar (?) operator station lighted by a port hole - on the side, for max. blinding effect. No sense in putting it overhead and lighting the area for or less evenly.

Turquoise instrument panels - and I recognize some of the instruments. A strategic bomber loud enough to be heard by submerged submarines and guided by some of the same instruments found in a 152.

A cruise missile costs how much? And would have a MUCH better chance of reaching a target defended by more than sidearms.

And, after 454 hours, it can’t even be ferried. The patches on the cowl are not reassuring.

Any spares included?

Getting it out of Odessa should be … interesting. I am sure the Ukraine could use the port fees though.

Buy it and I will shoot it down with my ME-262

::lottery fantasy::


Deck it out for luxury charters. The Tail-Gunner suite costs extra.

All the damn gauges are metric. It’ll be too much of a hassle to put standard measure decals on every one.

I’ll see your Bear and raise you a Fulcrum:cool:

Fastest propeller-driven airplane. Imagine flying one with soviet red stars painted on and being able to outrun some die-hard patriot flying a P-51 Mustang.

Wow. That would be so cool…

Well that solves the problem of what to ask for when my birthday rolls around.

I love the ebay line under the photos. “Have one to sell?” Oh yes, I forgot. There’s one in my backyard. Maybe I should put it up for sale on ebay.