Turbo-charge your cereal!

Here’s a random idea I wanted to share with you dopers: I wanted a bowl of cereal and didn’t have any milk, but I DID have half a pot of coffee. I made up a mug of java with splenda and vanilla Coffee Mate and poured it over my Oatmeal Squares, and WOW it was good. I may do this on a regular basis even after I get more milk. Wheeeee!

Nah. I want to keep my coffee side coffee and my cereal side cereal.

It’s the McDLT of breakfast.

I say cut out the middle man and caffeinate the cereal directly.

They should put it in the cereal for you.

I’d buy, say, Cocoa Puffs if they had a big banner on the box that said “NOW WITH MORE CAFFEINE!”

I’m now looking forward to super caffeinated chocolate frosted sugar bombs!

Works well with root beer and granola too.

RumChata already tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I doubt it would suffer if the two were mixed.

Bailey’s Irish Creme works too.

Mmmmmmmmm. Beerios

Went camping one time (I was 18), forgot the milk for the cereal so we used the leftover jug of gin and Tang from the night before. Breakfast of champions!

Nice username/post combo there. :slight_smile: And 32-year-old me knows perfectly well that 22-year-old me would have done the same thing.