Turn me on to some good, hard-core techno/industrial music

Oh, yes! Sonic assault, rage, pain and sarcasm are all good descriptors.

Some of my favs are Ministry’s Twitch album. For me that was some of their best stuff.

I also liked Cure’s Pornography album. I thought it was absolutely inspired, and really too bad they never went back to that style.

if you liked that then I can only suggest you consider more “real” gothic stuff as well. Definitely Bauhaus. There was also this band, way back when, who really started the movement, called…


Also check out some

Sheep on Drugs

Although they’re more guitar-oriented than Twitch-period** Ministry**, some of Al Jourgensen’s side projects are pretty cool in that loud, angry throb kind of way. In particular, I’m thinking of Pailhead with Ian MacKaye and Lard with Jello Biafra.

Won’t really satisfy the techno itch, but worth checking out if you haven’t already.

People are saying Prodigy’s Fat of the Land is Techno and you moan about Pams House? Some people are too hard to please! The Hard House mix is behind the blue box on the front page, though listening to it now I can see why you don’t like it, it’s defintely not the music they play on the nights.

I’ll give you that one, I hadn’t been there for a while and didn’t realise it had gone so far downhill…

If you want something a bit harder you could try Rotterdam Terror Corps or the old Helter Skelter / Dreamscape stuff.

And a vote for the first two Prodigy albums.

I’m definitely familiar with Kraftwerk. Always liked 'em though I don’t consider them techno. Just electronic.

Haven’t heard of Abwärts, I’ll check it out.

Of course I love Tangerine Dream. I was into them way, way back when electronic/synthesizer “music” was considered quite avant-garde. I heard something they did more recently and it sounded pretty good, but very different. Much more contemporary, almost a danceable kind of techno sound to it. What was up with that? I liked it, but was really surprised it was Tangerine Dream.

I liked most the bands you mentioned in the OP, and I am really digging on a group called Vitalic right now.

It does have some dance elements to it, but its also a bit darker and less poppish, I think.