TV show lines that have stuck with you for a very long time.

Spitting Image: “They’ll have the same as me”

(don’t ask me to explain. You had to be there)

There was a scene in King of the Hill where Kahn first moves in, and Hank gives him a propane tank as a welcome gift. Kahn responds, “You honor me by giving me gas.”

Mr. Kat and I glommed right onto that, and now it’s not unusual for one of us to call the other and say, “I’m going to be later - I have to stop and honor the car on the way home.”

Missed the edit window - jumping into the Way Back Machine, I’ve been known to pop off with “Totally different head. Totally.” from Square Pegs (Johnny Slash).

I loved that show.

In this picture are forty-seven people. None of them can be seen.

“…made you eat your parents, I made you eat your parents!”




_______ COCKSUCKER _______!

Probably from “The Paul Lynde Show”:

Character 1: How goes the rat race?
Paul Lynde: The rats are winning.


It is not ancient, but from Psych:
Shawn: Huh, apparently, those are called “stanchions,” Gus. Were you aware of this?
Gus: Yes, I was.

Damn, I miss that show!

I’m the first to post this? KRAMER: I’M OUT.

NASA guy: There’s no air in space.
Homer: There’s an air ‘n’ space museum.

Probably already in here as I’ve only had time to read the first page but…

From Wierd Al’s movie UHF, “Badgers? We don’ need no steenkin’ Badgers!”

Barney Miller, Sergeant Yemana is explaining why he will win a stop-smoking contest.

“I’m Asian, we have lots of will power, we eat fish heads.”
Other guy, “But you like fish heads.”
Yemana, (seriously) “No we don’t.”

Hogan’s Heroes, Sgt Schultz -“If this is the last war, why did they give it a number?”

I’ve been doing that lately myself. I’ve been hunting down old sitcoms and other interesting shows on Hulu to have going while I grind in WoW, and watched all the episodes they had of that show a couple of months ago. I’d almost completely forgotten about it.

I only watched Friends off and on but this one scene with Ross’ line “yes, yes it is…IN PRISON!” cracked me up then and still finds its way into my conversations on occasion.

Friends (a generally very good show) occasionally laid out a line so perfect it stayed with you forever. The one that always comes to mind (which I’ve mentioned on the SDMB before): Rachel is seducing her new boyfriend while he’s house-sitting for his parents (on vacation in Europe). She has stripped down to her negligee when – surprise! – the parents return early from the trip. The first thing the mom says (“Honey, that money we gave you was for groceries.”) was pretty great, but what always gets me is the dad’s line after the boyfriend introduces Rachel as his girlfriend: “I like her. She seems smart.”


Watching Stephen Fry on Craig Ferguson reminded of that I’ve got tons from Blackadder that I still remember and occasionally use:

“Darling? Funny name for a guy, isn’t it? The last person I called ‘darling’ was pregnant 20 seconds later”

“Prepare to die, English flying fellow.”
“So, it’s the traditional warm German welcome.”

“Prepare for a fate worse than death. And if you refuse, and even worse fate awaits you.”
“So - a fate worse than a fate worse than death. That’s pretty bad.”

“Sir, I come as emissary from the Prince of Wales with great news. He wants your daughter for his wife.”
“Well, his wife can’t have her!”

Stormshadow, from G.I. Joe: “I would kill you now, but that would only deprive me of the pleasure of killing you later.”